AoE4 care for non-QWERTY users please


  • Make AoE 4 to be the first of the series to provide keybindings presets friendly for all “non-QWERTY keyboards users” (based on scancode instead of keycode), especially the “gridlayout” preset.

Why ?

Note :

Other area of improvement

  • Add a feature allowing users to export/import keybindings directly from the in-game configuration options by providing a simple string of characters encoded containing the data corresponding to a customized preset as I’ve seen in other games.
    (this is clearly not a priority, but a cool feature I’ve seen in other games that allow users to share config/decks/etc… easily with a simple copy-paste)

well, it would be nice to have such feature. but then again, being able to set your own keybinds and change them accordingly is not that much of a struggle if you have to do it once, I guess.

It seems that keybindings can actually be a problem to program, at least stronghold warlords wont have custom keybinds becuase itss “currently not technically possible” so it seems to be not so easy to give that option.
I would rather have personal keybindsthan preset ones. of course, both would be best

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Just use Alt + Shift

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Even among QWERTY keyboards there are differences so they would need add dozens QWERTY and non-QWERTY keyboard presets as they cannot just go for couple ones if they decide to go on that route

Question out of ignorance:

What other kind of keyboards are there?

Like alphabetical or Chinese.

Second which setting should they have?

I think they refer to qwertz layout, which is for example used in germany :slight_smile:

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@CleanupCastle14 This solution implies you have another keylayout installed.

@Tempires That exactly why I suggest to provide a generic solution. An unique preset based on the physical position of the keys (scancode instead of keycode). So they don’t need to provide a specific solution for each existing keyboard layout. It’s even easier. Game engines provides this kind of features since years natively or through plugins.

@DjBillE Swiss-french (my case) for example (fr-CH on Windows) . I’m pretty sure that the same problem with Swiss-German keyboard layout. And I’ve no idea if they provided something for the german keyboard layout after the reports I linked in my previous message.
By the way, I use russian keyboard layout too and there is no problem with that one.

The Orientation of the Keys on a Keyboard are based on the Orientation of the Keys from the Type Writer. To Prevent that the Keys get stuck in the Manual Typewriter, the Keys are Orientated in Every Language Differently, so that the Most used Keys are not next to each other.

Simultanly or Quick used Keys from letters next to each others would get Stuck while used

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+1 for this request, rebinding DVORAK is so painful

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