[Suggestion] Definitive Edition hotkeys for German keyboard layout

As you might know the German keyboard layout has the Z and Y switched. However, the default Definitive Edition hotkeys are made for the English layout.

It would be cool if you could implement something which automatically switches Y and Z so the layout works without having to manually re-bind the keys ^^


Yeah 100% agree, really annoying that this still gets forgotten…

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Personally I’m German and use US-Qwerty for coding, anyway.
But I also think that the most common alternative layouts should be supported.
I realize that there’s hundres of such layuouts out there, but noone is asking for Cherokee-optimized
Implementing Qwertz makes for tens of thousands of happy German, Swiss and Austrian players.
Azerty makes for equally many happy French speakers for us to beat.
[and I’ve already heard from one unhappy Azerty-Frenchman]
It is not that difficult, just google what the respective layouts look like, and make the apprpriate changes at least for the default-grid profile. Then add the profile. No more than a couple hours of work. If you drink a couple cups of coffee first, certainly doable in less than two hours.


Hey there,
Here is my small suggestion to put in to your next patch. Can you adjust the grid hotkey settings to work for standard german keyboards (mainly Y and Z are swapped on the german keyboard - so on the american keyboard where the Y is in germany the Z and vice versa).
Or should i report it as a “bug” ?
Thanks guys!


Would really apreciate that option too!