AOE4 doesn't have pause button and score display like AOE2?

It seems that I can’t pause AOE4 the way we can do for AOE2. Is it something missing for now only or forever?


I also hate that you can’t pause. As for the score display I think it’s a feature, scores can sometimes reveal too much.


You can pause on single players games. The thing is that this stress test doesn’t have single player enabled, and yall are using multiplayers lobbies agaisn’t AI opponents to simulate a single players match, but the side effect of it is no pause.


Why do that? It was sooo amazing to have pause button in AOE2. This is the only game where I can have uninterrupted experience.


There will be a pause button on the retail release next month :smiley:

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It would be great if for online you only had X minutes of pause that can be set in the game setup. Could be 5min per player, or 0min, or unlimited determined in the lobby.

Pausing does kill the flow, but there are times when it is ok. Choice of pause limits would be awesome.

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Do you have any proof?

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Score doesn’t bother me too much, but we definitely need to be able to pause the game, especially if the game goes for 1h or longer.


They have said the reason there is no pause is because only multiplayer was in the beta. They have said single player will have pausing.

I am not going to bother to track down the video where they said this.

What they have not said is if pausing will be possible in multiplayer.


I suspected that there was no pause in the beta because it’s multiplayer. The game is out now and there still is NO PAUSE. Unless I’m pressing the wrong button. Sure the pause key is pause as it’s always been in age games.

To pause press ESC button in single player game.

Its marvellous don’t have pause on multiplayer. Really. If you can’t play, not play, or resign.

I agree a pause button is not needed. I have played online for 20 years and not paused once. Play or do not play. There is no try.

A pause feature is ABSOLUTELY needed in multiplayer due to multiple obvious reasons stated in these forums and all over the community so many times. Felt I needed to post this after the previous 2 disappointing comments.


Of course the pause button is important in a multiplayer game …
I’m not necessarily talking about competitive games, or games with strangers, but when you’re with friends and want to have a quiet game, sometimes it’s good to be able to take a break while one of the players need to go to the bathroom or for any other emergency. I don’t see why the pause button is not present or optional for private games …


Yeah I don’t care about having a pause button for playing with randoms online, I never expect to be able to pause in such a situation. I do think it should be an option in custom games though.


Is there a pause in the single campaign?

I don’t mean the menu. In aoe2 F3 is pause and you can multitask you army during pause. If anyone know, please tell me.

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Just the menu pause.

Menu pause won’t allow you to micro army.

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I really wish I could pause the game when playing with friends. To take a break and chill.