AoE4 Insiders beta in-game rewards

Has anyone received the special monument or sigil or portrait for being an insider and participating in the beta? I contacted support and they said that no one has gotten them yet and that I should still be waiting for an email about it. It’s been a while now since release and I don’t think they’re being honest with me.


They are honest with you, no one has gotten it yet, and we all wait for it.
As you can see we have a mega thread here:

And the support text here:

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thanks so much for the helpful info. that’s really strange that it’s taking work to release them.

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I’m a closed beta player and still haven’t received insider rewards yet. Contacted support but their response gave off a strong idgaf vibe so I just give up on them. I hope someone is responsible for this negligence.

It’s just an icon that has no real meaning :smiley:

I mean you could say the whole reward system is just a few icons/cosmetic thingies with no real meaning right.

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I was insider too. I never received it

it has meaning to me. it’s memorabilia. it says “hey, i was there”.