AoE4 is having the best numbers in months

It seems that this has not been a thread (maybe several people only like negativity and bad news).

For those undecided, you can see the regional prices to make comparisons.


Recent paches have improved the game a lot. The game is amazing now when almost all the release issues have been solved. Plus lower prices help as well.


Good to see that more people are playing and hope it grows more.


No, i’m happy with this. And i Hope Aoe4 will reach more people. What i would like to see is a Graphic DLC with more detailed textures, Blood, fauna and mercenaries. Nothing more.


Im really happy that after I left this place some good news have appeared, I haven’t stopped playing and yes , the game is getting much better , and the new players help without a doubt


I’m glad that the pricing issues have finally been fixed now that it has been 9+ months since the issues were reported.

The game still has a long way to go in order to appeal to the Age fanbase as a whole.


It appears to be doing well on the whole. Appealing to an ever-decreasing minority is how mistakes tend to be introduced. What the game needs is more content that appeals to the majority playing, more than anything hyper-specific to try to catch specific fan demographics (who often can’t agree on the whole). The biggest uniting issue was the camera, and people seem to be responding to the panoramic camera very well. There are other wins to be made for sure, but I don’t think there’s a long way to go.

What do I think we need?

New civilisations. New SP content. Supporting the modding tools and community (shout out to the devs that already spend their time helping the modders out, because they do great work). More of what people enjoy.

There’s stuff on the roadmap that should hopefully build on the Age “feel”, but at the moment I think what the game will benefit from more than anything is just core content. I’m more than happy that the patches are starting to drive player retention the right way, and I hope that momentum continues.


I think this graph shows it more clearly - shows how the game was at a fairly constant level relative to 2 DE, but has made a huge leap recently.

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The whole Age fanbase is not a decreasing minority.

As an outsider, please try to be more respectful of the opinions of Age fans who have dedicated years of their life to the franchise and know what they like. As varied as the fanbase may be on likes and dislikes, there is a common thread that we share. The franchise has evolved over time.

I agree there needs to be more content released for the game. Hopefully there is an announcement, if not a release of new DLC this year.

I would honestly like to try the game again but there are several annoyances as a long term Age fan that turned me off. It would be in the best interest of the devs to fix these annoyances. Fishing ships which are chained to their origin dock and units which do not ungarrison on the side of a building closest to the waypoint are two which immediately come to mind.

The bump in players by fixing pricing now was an easy win and desperately needed. It frankly took too long. It will take more to keep those numbers up long term.



Tell me 3 basic elements that you would urgently implement in the game.

I don’t think that’s what he was saying. More like the small subsets of people clamoring for one very specific feature or another (like arrows that miss, or crew for siege, or a complete graphics overhaul).

They could never get the whole age fan base though no matter what they did. A large part of the AoE2 community for example will literally never be happy with any game other than AoE2, which is fine it’s a great game.

They already fixed this.

I agree they should change the way exiting buildings works. It’s like they tied it to buildings’ actual entrances. So you should either be able to rotate buildings (not worth making that change) or just forget about trying to have units come out of the “entrance” since I doubt anyone cares about that anyway.


Yes, I can understand not making changes that only a small number of players will benefit.

However, I do hope the devs will prioritize resolving issues like the ones I brought up which affect all players. This is what I meant by the needs of the fanbase as a whole.

I’m glad they finally fixed fishing ships. Why they were ever designed to be chained to the origin dock in the first place racks my brain. A team which truly understands Age of Empires would never have let that slip.

Definitely agree with you here. It’s hard to please everyone especially when some people will never be happy with any changes you make


maybe because its too early to celebrate it. lets w8 at least 1 week to make it relevant. remenber that the negativity was constant because the the bad aspects of the game was constantly in each part pointed out. let see what happens this week…

It’s really a good thing. I hope it could reach 20000 players online again!


not going to be rude anymore here but … the negativity was always brought by the same 5 guys …

Such a coincidence right…? :slight_smile:

But yes , lets wait 1 week , im also curious about this massive peak that appeared out of nowhere


Here some throw beef at the game for anything, why not celebrate some positive results? A Monday with a 15k peak, I hope it stays that way.


forgotten empires will beggin to help in the development of aoe4 soon . Nobody in this place has brought those news i think…


Yes. I hope the involvement of FE in the project continues to grow. It’s best for the game and the community.


mmm you want to discuss again like old days… remenber part of the negativity was originated by you before your ban. just dont lose your chill. Anyway only after that period, we can say that the playerbase grow or not