AoE4 is less interesting than AoE2 because its units lack ‘coolness’ and ‘personality’

AoM retold hasnt been released yet. When it will happen, then AoM will be consider competence to AoE4

this will make it hard to just spam one type of unit and win

It is already nearly impossible to do that though

I think AoE 4 lack weathering effects, lighting effects, & small details compared to AoE 2 & AoE 3.

Here’s Royal Knight, Papal Lancer, Frankish Paladin comparison.

Here’s buildings comparison and its atmosphere

By the way, this is from the “Pre-Alpha footage”. I want this game, where is it?


rayos, cuando uno ve al lancero papal y luego al caballero real del aoe 4 si le preguntas a alguien ajeno a esto, señalara al lancero papal como de un juego secuela ya que, encerio parece un retroceso grafico.

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Yeah this is one thing that AoE4 clearly does better than AoE2.

It’s better at encouraging diverse unit compositions.

Last I played AoE 4 the counter system seemed good enough so you can’t just spam one unit. At the time of that post a year ago everyone just spammed knights, and that was before they had improved spearman. Last time I played you can easily hold or defeat knights with an army of spear men and crossbows. Haven’t played for awhile but I think siege was nerfed so the game stopped being age of siege. Hopefully.

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Sí,AoE 3 DE sí parece un juego de 2020,en cambio AoE 4 parece un juego de 2011 como mucho…


Well, we are in luck, as they are making a DE version. But it will probably take another year at minimum.

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