The curious case of AoE 4 graphics (lots of screenshots)

Thankfully he stopped making a separate post for each quote :laughing:


AOE4 humiliated the AOE franchise in almost every possible way xD

EDIT: I mean, its failure damaged the AOE franchise and its future.

Pro Esports players suggested to change all those things and devs did it right away without even thinking…


No way! It looks horrible in every way!


add the reason that it needs almost a high spec pc for meh graph results. The perception could be less critic if it requires less resources. is like paying high dinner cost for a burger. the burger doesnt taste bad but the cost is not worth it.

Hahahahahahahaha u serious??



Like I already said, the Definitive Editions are a bit more complicated, but I still prefer the art style in IV.

There are a lot of things I could highlight with III: DE that are negatives for me, but there’s no point. It’s my personal preference and I don’t feel the need to put the dev’s work down because of it. I don’t own that version of the game (I own the base / regular version), so it wouldn’t make sense anyway.

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the acknowledgement that a lot of people should be more open to making, thank you, everyone has certain preference

I cannot even recognize its screenshot, but I can talk a lot of negatives about the game.


About the art style, yeah. Not the game as a whole, but nice try :smiley:

I’m just generally not a fan of upscaled 00s-era graphics. The gaps are normally very obvious to me, and that’s not because the devs have done bad work at all. But there are, ultimately, gaps, because they’re working on uplifting something that’s so old.

It’s not like Dead Space, or the System Shock remake, where they’re flat-out redoing the whole thing. They’re redoing parts, and slotting them in.

I’d love to see your responses to people who are criticizing AOE4’s art styles based on a screenshot (and not even knowing the source of it).

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I don’t get it. Do you have an argument, or are you just having another go at me for something you think I’ve done?

There’s been plenty of criticism of Age IV’s art. Like I said before, I’ve already been throwing out suggestions on what could be better (in Age IV). What have you done, except mock others?

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Maybe adding a little more to the credibility of your arguments?

Most of the time when people are comparing two games, they know both of them well enough.
If someone just wants to fend off that argument, he doesn’t need to, and that definitely makes his points very solid, and it is good for other people to be aware of that.


So you’ve got nothing, and you just want to pick on me for whatever reason. Alright.

I don’t need to know Age III: DE well enough to know based on all the screenshots that people have provided that I am personally not a fan of the art style.

And I can express it in a way that doesn’t involve calling the developers, or fans of the game, names. I recommend giving it a try!

Certainly wouldn’t try enforcing “knowing the game well enough” as a requirement for criticism. Might impact some of the more vocal Age IV critics we seem to keep around here :wink:

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When I got something you would not read it. So it’s a waste of time.

And here is my something:

And remember I wrote a big long post in another thread on the same topic? What is your response?
“Oh you’re just trying to bring me down”

I do not think “knowing what that game is when seeing a screenshot of it” is any significant requirement.

And in your world you still think I’m on the same “side” as every one of them.
Surprise. I don’t have to agree with every one and every point to share the same criticism on something particular. But you of course need to disagree with whoever on that “side”.

The difference is most people come here with an opinion and that’s it. Not everyone brings along a million moral codes then act like a hypocrite.


When you post nothing but a cheap gotcha because you read my post wrong, yep. Will continue to do so.

Your somethings are noted, though they’re from August last year, so I’m going to get on with the thread as it is right now, before you decided to derail it by picking at my posts with off-topic nonsense.

tl;dr for everyone else reading:

Age IV has a great art style for me personally, and I agree there are parts of it that should be improved that would help raise the appeal for most players without impacting anyone negatively.

Stuff like animating animals in the buildings, or figuring out how to improve the water fidelity, or even stuff like the grass and plant life that seem oddly-pixelated, even on higher settings (my guess is this is something to do with antialiasing and performance, but it’d be nice if the devs could do something about it).

Sorry for gumming up the thread with that other nonsense!

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Na, humbles himself alone… DE versions are going well on their side…


Alright. I’d say these are almost what I would bring up (again) if I have to offer “something”.

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i would say GETS humilliated by any aoe

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Yes, even AoE 1 DE wins and that’s because it doesn’t repeat missions in its campaigns… the only thing that beats AoE 4 to AoE 1 is for having gameplay more similar to AoE 2 (doors, exchange of resources and better pathfinding)…then AoE 4 is worse than AoE 2, AoM, AoEO and AoE 3 being the latter the best of all from worst to best…