AOE4 lacks micro compared to AOE2

bUt tHer’s NO arRoW dodGing so iT lAckS mIcRo!!11


That is when the game was just released and people were just discovering the game.
He was not 100% sure when he was saying it due to the excitement of the new AOE title.

Soon after that, he understood that AOE2 is actually much more complex and attractive in terms of micro.

Got a link to this change of mind? Or are you creating a narrative to suit your point of view (ahem lying°)?

this is 3 months ago, you can watch Hera’s last stream, he was not enjoying the game.

Cool story bro…(20 characters)

I’m surprised you left the comforts of aoezone to post here. Are you upset that AOE4 is getting more tournament support than AOE2? Did you believe you’d visit here to cause some drama hoping that you could change peoples minds? If I stop playing AOE4, I’m not going back to play AOE2. The toxicity of the AOE2 community towards AOE4 has only reinforced my stance.


Alright so, I have an interesting angle on all of this.

While I don’t believe Age of Empires ever was and should ever go toward being a micro intensive franchise, I do believe it is supposed to be a realistic franchise. With that being said, I support the decision to focus on more macro level decisions that determine your ability on the front lines, it feels apt for a strategy game and a good way to highlight overall strategies instead of certain battles, while particular battles can still be decisive in the overall scope, it feels much less so than in other micro intensive games, whereas you loose you entire army and have no way to rebuild, I am not a fan of these types of games.

However on the other hand, coming back to the realism aspect of the franchise, it feels wrong that an arrow can be shot at one trajectory, you see it moving in the air, and your units move out of it’s normal range, but the arrow adjusts in the air like a guided missile and tracks down your unit which should logically have run out of the range and speed of the arrow. And this goes for all projectile physics, they feel weird and broken and unrealistic.


Anything to say?

What a joke!

So who is the liar?
it looks like >

Not really sure what your point is, but that’s nothing new really.
tldr of the video:

  • wasn’t enjoying AOE2 ladder, lacking motivation, jumped into AOE IV
  • now lacking motivation for AOE IV ladder so switching to LoL
  • will still play some AOE2 and AOEIV tournament games

At no point anywhere does he say things like:

In fact he says he was quite bored of AOE2.

I wish him the best. Personally I think it’s a huge mistake as far as a business decision but respect the fact he wants to do what makes him happy. I think after his subathon 12 hour days that went for weeks, he got burnt out on AOEIV, not surprising.

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He was bored because there were few people to play against that matches his skill level.

On the other hand, he stated that AOE4 is broken, fixes are too slow and the ladder is boring too.

Remember this?
What a joke >

Hera may have left, but Liereyy posted today that he’s coming to do AOE4. You lose some and you win some. Thing’s could be worse, we could have the tournament money of AOE2. Hippo’s favor AOE4.

MS is putting their money behind the game and hopefully Relic can pull off a solid Spring Update so we can have a more positive attitude towards the future of the franchise.

He is coming to side hustle, not to enjoy the game.
It is all for money

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Does that matter? AOE4 is getting enticing tournaments and monthly updates. Things will improve although I’m not sure why you’re still posting here since it’s obvious you’ve already written this game off.

It matters because people not enjoying but just hustling the tournaments.
Let’s be honest, monthly patches you mean? Because there was only one winter update as far as I remember?

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November 29th - Patch
December 3rd - Patch
December 9th - Patch
January 18th - Patch
February 7th - Patch

Looks pretty monthly to me and there’s another patch in the works according to Steamdb. They’re actively working towards improving the game, it’s willful ignorance to deny that. Perhaps the pace they’re improving it isn’t good enough for some people, but it’s better than I’d expect from a large corporation.

Players streaming and playing the game is only good for the game regardless of motivation. It could be just as possible he’s as bored of AOE2’s stale ladder as Hera and is looking for more competition. Unless he states he’s just doing it for the money then we’re all just making assumptions.

Updates are bigger like the - Winter Update that adds features etc
Patches are focused at balance
If only we had updates monthly, the game could have been better now.

Im with Mongol on this one

That’s not what the words mean, no. Patches and updates actual mean the same thing. A patch updates the game. An update patches the game. It works both ways, because they’re the same!

You want bigger patches, sure. But that doesn’t mean the game isn’t getting patched. We are getting monthly patches. It’s not like all we’re getting are localisation fixes. Each patch addresses something(s). Each patch takes work (plus whatever they’re doing to prepare for the Spring update). Nothing wrong with you wanting more, but let’s not pretend updates aren’t updates just because they didn’t do what you wanted them to do.

You got it wrong.
Watch dev streams after the winter update!
They will explain it in that video.