AOE4 lacks micro compared to AOE2

So what you’re saying is that you want more of the planned quarterly updates, more often?

It still doesn’t mean you can’t handwave away the smaller updates. The game has been getting patched reliably since late November. It took them a while to get started, and they’re probably still feeling the pressure on that. But I have no time for people who pretend the monthly updates aren’t updates.

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I’m just being specific, according to relic developers.
We are receiving monthly patches and seasonal updates.

Ah, so you’re intentionally playing at semantics. You weren’t arguing with a developer, you were arguing with a poster, who was pretty clearly using the two interchangeably (as they often are). Have fun with that, I guess.

Anyone playing professionally this is likely the case

Sure they may or may not enjoy the game, but if it makes money they’re gonna play it

Hell I hate League of Legends gameplay, but I play bc I can make money off of it.

I’m always confused why people follow the moves of pro players with the idea that they play games based on personal enjoyment, while some might, most play based on what the viewers indicate are their favorite things to watch, or to games which have the best or most easily attainable prizes.

You all should focus on your own opinions on the game and share those, not stan some pros and make up your mind on what they’re gonna do.

(That last bit isn’t directed at you, Mahogany, I’ve seen you voicing your opinions independent of mentioning pros.

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Not to be critical of the devs, as I truly feel their support and good intentions, I would have to interject and say I personally feel that with the scope of Microsoft’s resources, relic’s development team, World’s Edge’s resources, that more should be done in each patch. They feel very small any hyper focused, as if only two or three people were genuinely working on them.

Look I understand the testing process and that It takes some time to get the code right, but a month to patch out a relic bug? That’s a little silly.

They did better with the Abbasid spear bug but only bc it was a bug they had introduced with another supposed fix.

Something is wonky deep down in the code, incompatibilities, very low cohesion from one asset to another, I couldn’t say bc I have not looked at the code (doubt I even could) but everything of how the program runs, and how long it takes for what should be simple fixes, leads me to believe there is a lot of unnecessary complications on the back end.

As the old saying goes, quantity isn’t quality.

There’s no doubt they’re feeling lots of different pressures, however is this not kinda a fault of their own creation?
As is the same with the lack of basic features and other mechanics issues.

They dug themselves a grave to pull out of, in my opinion, and the response feels more like hospice instead of triage.

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Because they’re working on the larger updates in parallel.

Okay, this is a complete guess, maybe they’re bringing in a ton of additional staff for a month every quarter just to work on the larger quarterly updates but . . . I doubt it. The Ranked Preview had some stuff in it that aren’t available yet, and didn’t manifest in the February update. This suggests the larger / more extensive improvements are being worked on for longer stretches of time.

This is also how development pans out in my person (software, not games) experience.

Correlation isn’t causation either, for another old chestnut.

(also the point of discussion wasn’t quality, merely the number of updates / what counted, apparently, as an update)

One can hope, if they come out with an update with a very substantial amount of fixes, additions, and changes, I’ll be pretty happy, only time will tell.

Ah well if you wanna get technical the devs themselves said currently all we’ve had are patches, updates are larger and the first one ever will be the spring update.

(But this is semantics and it doesn’t really matter what we call them, I go back to my previous post that I feel we are being heard but it could be a bit quicker and bit more in scope, even for patches.)

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Yeah, this is what the other poster was going on about. I can understand it when it’s not being used as a gotcha (as I felt it was with the other poster), but to me it’s just “patch” and “large patch”, or “update” and “large update”. I appreciate the developers’ intent in branding them separately, but I don’t really register the difference when talking about an update cadence (which generally speaking, a lot of people want faster than once a month, regardless of how feasible it is).

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