AoE4 needs legacy Hotkeys, otherwise it will be difficult for many players from other games to enter

As many, I play several games (of various genres), not just one, if AoE4 does not give more freedom to customize the shortcuts I will have to choose between:
1- adapt the shortcuts of ALL other games to look like AoE4 (infeasible), or;
2- deal with the frustration of playing with different shortcuts (complete confusion in muscle memory) when migrating from one game to another (even if it is within THE SAME FRANCHISE, such as AoE2 and AoE3, which although they are profoundly different, I get similar shortcuts ), or;
3- cancel the purchase of AoE4 and continue with my favorite games without going through this frustration.

Devs, PLEASE, decently customizable shortcuts are ESSENTIAL for any RTS. Grid must be an option NOT AN IMPOSITION. Give us the freedom to choose shortcuts individually without changing 1 other “10” to be modified together.


“We should also note that should you choose to mess with a good thing, all these keys are remappable in Age of Empires IV , allowing you to update and adjust as needed for your optimal gaming experience.”

Well , they did say along the post that ALL the keys will be remappable at launch.

They werent able to make proper hotkey custmization for the past 20 years

I agree 100%.

This is actually the only thing that really worries me about the game. Being able to control the game you play is 100 times more important than any other issue. Nothing should be more prioritized to fix than this.


I would very much like it to be true, but what does this link look like:

is that they are not going to change anything about the “customization” of the beta. We will continue with the problem of changing 1 hotkey in the grid and will change another “10” that I didn’t want on that key.

Please, where did you see the hotkeys would be completely remapable? I would like to read it and compare it with the one on the link.

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I found where they say it (here, if that’s correct: Age of Empires IV Shortcuts Revealed – Age of Empires). But, honestly, I still believe they will continue with the extremely limited Beta hotkey system and haven’t pointed anything in the near future to modify them (unlike the Editor, which while also essential, has already signaled that they will add until next year) .

Yes that’s the correct link . We shall see if what thay say is true when the game releases

Adam Isgreen specifically said he wanted to make all hotkeys customizable. No time table was given though.


And I want a date with Gretchen Mol.

You won’t get a timetable for that either.

Interesting. The Age of Empires article says that “all these keys are remappable,” while the Xbox article says “you can remap many of these hotkeys.” Weird inconsistency (maybe miscommunication between different departments at Microsoft?).

How I interpreted “these [hot]keys” is that it refers to the specific hotkeys mentioned in the article (e.g. you can change the hotkey for any part of the grid, but not for specific buildings). I’m going to assume this is the correct interpretation so I don’t set myself up for disappointment and, if I happen to be wrong, I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Do you the source of this is? That is, do you have a link to the article or video where he mentions this? Don’t want to get my hopes up, but this would be good news.

XboxEra Podcast episode 53 I believe is what hes talking about, sorry dont have a timestamp.


Yeah I’m pretty sure that’s the one.

Part of the problem is they are missing some things entirely so there isn’t even a key to remap

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That’s for readability :wink:

“Should you choose to mess with a good thing”

Hahaha OMG you are right, they DO actually say something like that. I thought you made it up. What an arrogant attitude, just like with “you cant play like that”.

So not only they are so out of touch by not releasing fully custom hotkeys for every action, but they also strongly believe that the way they set up the hotkeys is the optimal way and we should all play like that. It’s like they are almost angry that we DARE change their mighty hotkeys. They dont care what this forum has to say, I think it is more than clear. How the hell can they say something like “should you mess with a good thing” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And concerning the rest of the problem, they arent saying that all keys will be customisable at launch, they are just saying that THESE keys in particular will be customisable. So Im sorry to break it to you guys, but there still wont be things like “Go To Archery Range”, “Select Barracks”, etc at launch and you can only play in their stupid grid system. 2021 hotkeys for you, worse than 20 years ago.


You folks are so lucky to have me on this forum as the black sheep constantly calling for their BS, but should you choose to see other lesser opinions, you can check what other users have to say as well.

See what I did there? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I too found this statement about key binding off-putting. For some players, key binding is absolutely essential for accessibility because of a disability. Calling it a good thing seems to show aloofness for the needs of some players. Robust key remapping shouldn’t be a question or neglected these days, but should be a key concern for developers (no pun intended).


This is the same kind of attitude that led to the ‘Dawn of War 3’ disaster.

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Ah so many delicate snowflakes just looking for any opportunity to interpret dev statements in a way that lets them act offended.
Edit: actually not even dev statements here - just marketing copy.

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It’s not that people’s feelings are hurt, it is the general attitude of seeming very uninterested in community feedback that turns people off and makes them worry about the future of this game.