AoE4 won't have ranked seasons at launch?edit

“We discuss multiplayer briefly, including the fact that AoE4 will - as expected - have defined seasons for ranked play. They won’t be available at launch sadly, but they’ll be following at a later date. “We’re going to try to time major balance updates with new seasons starting,” says Isgreen, “since we want to encourage people to kind of have a reset and get ready for a new meta, when the seasons switch.”

Oh my god, for real?


Or does he mean that there are ranked games at launch, but the seasons come later?


Sure there is going to be multiplayer from launch.

What’s not clear is how the ranked matchmaking is going to be implemented at launch, being that…

I’m not worried about not been some kind of ELO system to pair players. It’s the most basic thing ever.


I am almost positive that the reference was not to ranked multiplayer. I have heard a few theories about what it may be referring to but based on what I have seen ranked multiplayer is not what was being talked about.

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So no hotkeys (proper full custom hotkeys that is) at launch, no MP seasons at launch, no mods/editor at launch, and there was more but I forgot.
What are we going to have at launch?




Just seasons won’t be starting at launch. Can we stop spreading this rumor that the game won’t have ranked multiplayer?


I’m not sure we know this exactly, but maybe we do? What is your source?

youtube videos about trebuchets.

this should be a joke…but it’s a sad joke

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Well in an interview they apparently mentioned seasons but that they wouldn’t start at launch.

As for knowing there will be ranked matchmaking, well you’ve had access to the same sources of information I have had to realize that’s the case.


Why should we? Is not it were a part of main presentation?
I just praised… oh wait…

name it right. Autoqueue - will be on release. Ranked matchmaking will be missing.

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What’s so difficult to understand? Seasons…they won’t be available at launch. Meaning your ELO won’t reset just yet, that’s all.

Guys, I’m pretty sure ranked matchmaking will be in the game at release. We do not need to panic on this front!

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Not true.

The seasons start post-launch.

Nothing is said about not been MP ranked at launch.

Yeah, I think the statement takes for granted that MP ranked will be at launch.
I see how It can be missread, It’s unfortunate is not 100% clear about it for all.


I’m sure (would like to think?) they’re smart enough to realize not having a ladder at launch is suicide. Anyone know if AoE2DE launched without ranked matchmaking? We can connect some dots if we know the answer to this question.

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AOE:II DE had ranked matchmaking at launch.


These are the journalist words. Not the dev.
We are missing context.

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As we stray onto the topic of the much-demanded global queue feature for ranked multiplayer, Isgreen takes a moment to (mildly) lament the high level of expectation on AoE4’s launch feature set driven by the runaway success of AoE2’s definitive edition. “It’s something that we absolutely want to add - but it’s worth remembering it wasn’t in AoE2 at launch, and it wasn’t even in Definitive Edition until later. So we’re… we’re trying.”

If that’s the case then we’re safe. They only mention seasons, and this means that “global queue feature for ranked multiplayer” is actually international matchmaking between servers.

Can we stop panicking and spreading information that we have yet to get official information by the developers to know if it’s true or not what will be at launch?

I’m expecting an announcement before the launch of the game explaining what’s at launch and what comes later like a road map.


We’re not missing context, we’re extrapolating. It clearly talks about seasons.

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