AoE4 won't have ranked seasons at launch?edit

Well, not clear to all.
With context would be.
But yeah.

That said, the author of the post maybe edit it, so as not to further confuse.
At least delete the first " as it opens and doesn’t close, It’s confusing and makes the journalist words read like a quote.

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I think the journalist meant global queue for units that are currently training, shown all in the HUD. I don’t think he was reffering to global matchmaking.


It’s this exactly. He just has no idea what they were talking about. You’ll notice that statement is not a quote from the people he is interviewing, just a vague recollection of what they were talking about from himself.

Anyone who participated in the beta and beta forums should realize this is the case…


Well the interview has created enough confusion such that anyone who preorders now is really making a huge gamble, because no one knows for sure about ranked multiplayer, zoom level, ugly or not ugly graphics, gameplay, basically everything you would need to know when deciding whether to get a game or not, we don’t know. I would say the interviewee seems to have really blown it unfortunately, if Microsoft is at all interested in pre sales they should post a clarification thread and pin it in this forum to clear up all of these questions.


No custom hotkeys? Where does that say? How do you know?
Would be really bad if that’s the case. I have special mouse etc to play RTS so i can customize my own keys. Is this true???

Relic has a history of not giving enough hotkey options. I feel your pain! I use an MMO mouse with a full number pad on the side of it to play other rts games. Also beta players already have experience with hotkeys for this game and may or may not have been satisfied with the hotkeys they had available to use.

Yes i have the razor naga too! 12 buttons on the side. I really need to use these in order to play to full potential … :frowning:

You can think whatever you want, but the article talks about a “ranked” global queue.

Hate it when devs talk like they are coming up with something new. This exactly what starcraft does… do it. lol.

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Can’t say specific stuff because of the beta NDA, but there was also an interview where Adam Isgreen said that while there wont be fully customisable hotkeys at launch, they will make their way later in the game. Yeah, with that special mouse you have, good luck, you are not going to be able to use any of its extra buttons unfortunately.
I don’t understand either why Relic always struggles with this, custom hotkeys are not a difficult thing to program. Only now with AoE4 and CoH3 they have finally started to add some sort of basic rebindable hotkeys. I know it is hard to believe, but until now in 2021 none of their games had custom hotkeys at all, although they were all RTS games. I am genuinely extremely curious why it is so hard for them to add them. This is my main complaint, curiosity and thing about Relic and AoE4.

Just let the next thought sink in: More than 20 years ago in 1999 in Age of Empires 2 we had fully customisable hotkeys, from launch. You could do key combinations, extra buttons of extra buttons of your mouse, you name it. What, they were 15 - 20 programmers for that game? Here we are now in 2021 and we can’t have them, it is too much work.


WTF how is that possible? No way i will buy a game with no a proper customisable hotkeys.

It’s a massive issue


Only a problem for players who use keyboard, to play fast and waste all the hard work, made by the visual team.

Mice, all the way!!!

They also carefully ignore the hotkey issue in all the interviews and only joke about Zoom as the only feedback, and even that they don’t take seriously

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Don’t under estimate me. :sunglasses:

I can do miracle, whit only a normal mouse.

Even if we can’t rank our self at start.

I had really thinking the hotkey issue was because it’s just a beta and that wasn’t the purpose of the beta to test that (as some hotkeys was litteraly “grey”)


Can you link it? I’m looking for it and can’t find it…

I found an article about AoE3DE, were Beeckman says what I want to hear from Isgreen about AoE4.

Bert Beeckman, co-founder of Forgotten Empires, says: “We wanted to add a lot of things to the game, a lot of new UI options and every time we were like, OK, we have the old version working; let’s just keep that in and make it an option. Then people have the choice. For every option we added, there was a legacy option. If you’ve had the same hotkeys for fifteen years, you don’t just relearn them.”

Yeah It’s about AoE3DE, but IN MY OPINION it applies to AoE4.
It is AGE OF EMPIRES and it has huge legacy behind.

I’m talking about OPTIONS.

“…make it an option. Then people have the choice.”

PS: I got AoE3DE some days ago (played the original, and was the only DE/EE I didn’t own). It is pretty good. Some issues yeah, but It’s way better than I remember and expected.
May like it or not, but I think dev’s made a great job. Still are making. :clap:

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I will try find that video when I come back from work. It was a podcast with 2 streamers/youtubers and Adam answered a few questions from people, I was the one asking the question about hokeys and he answered it.

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No it doesn’t. Once again a misquote.

It says “global queue feature for ranked multiplayer”.

It’s also not a statement from the people being interviewed. Just the author’s vague recollection of what they were talking about. Not sure why he even mentioned ranked multiplayer player in that sentence, but probably because he has no idea what global queue is even referring to.

Anyone who was in the beta forums should realize it is the UI element that shows every unit and tech you are currently creating which was added in AoE2 and 3 DE. It was missing and “much-demanded” (I feel I can say that since it’s now been said in interview outside of the beta forums).

Honestly I don’t think they should even do these stupid interviews with “gaming journalists”. They should just release more information themselves.


They didn’t do that though? They’ve given no impression that it is something new. Just that this game will have it.

We have some valid things to discuss or even complain about, why do people keep feeling the need to assign motives to things with no evidence? I’ve seen this a lot with people who don’t like the art style or graphics or siege not having crews, etc. Just because they disagree with something they assume it’s “wrong” and say it’s the devs being lazy or whatever. It’s like they can’t comprehend that there are pros and cons to everything and it was probably done that way intentionally for a reason. By all means disagree, complain, argue for change, etc, but once you start assuming things are a result of laziness, or stupidity, or malice, or whatever with no evidence whatsoever you have no leg on which to stand in that argument.

You’re starting from the assumption that the author is misquoting the “ranked multiplayer” part. Do we have any proof that he’s got that part wrong?

I fully agree with that bit.

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