AOE4 - XBOX Team Ranked Coming?

Does anyone know if AOE4 team ranked is coming for Xbox?

We have 1v1… I did read team ranked may be out with season 3 content on Oct 25.

But does that mean team ranked will hit Xbox on that date? Anyone can confirm?

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Waiting for the team ranking for XBOX

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Sadly the box community isn’t that active in forums and all PC related stuff.
I urgently recommend to add it, since I know a bunch of people waiting for it. Playing without elo is not that fun on terms of matchmaking.
Add it please!

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Won’t switch from aoe2 de if there’s no team ranked on Xbox.

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Me and couple friends have the same case. Playing aoe2 team ranked, cause aoe4 doesn’t have it

Ranked updates moderators? Plllllleaseee?

I think a lot of people are waiting on this. Gotta say, playing quick match is a bit stale 2v2 constantly.