APM: How to find out yours? (Actions Per Minute)

People talk about apm… how does one find out what one’s APM is? Is there a game file we access to view it? Or is there a respected mod that does it? Record button-clicks with mouse software? Manually count while having a stopwatch handy :stuck_out_tongue: Or?

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Some people seem to use this https://www.aoezone.net/threads/apm-tool.163041/


Thanks johannes4468!

Now I’m curious since you claim to have no issues with dragging walls.

Does anyone know if there is a MOD that measures APM in age2? I want

Probably. I have seen it by some pros. But i have no idea what they use.

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Where did you see, could you show me?

Last time I checked The Viper and Vinchester had a small bar showing the APM. Maybe in their chats you can get more info.

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Very well, thanks u!

Viper uses Desktop APM. It’s a standalone program, not an aoe mod.

Yeah, i have seen it by at least Viper, maybe by some others too.

I asked this recently here:

And @johannes4468 replied by saying some people use this: https://www.aoezone.net/threads/apm-tool.163041/

Was great to know, and I may sometime try it… but I don’t know if it’s legit software and so I wish there was a way to have this type of statistic tracking built into the game

My Logitech mouse has software to maybe help track, so I will try it sometime during a game to see if it works:

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Thanks, everyone! I install desktop APM and APM_tool

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Let us know how it goes, if you get a chance :smiley:

Sorry, I block your posts so didn’t know you replied. I miss a lot of your posts, but when curious, open up a few to revel in the negativity. At any rate, I’ve noticed you sure pay a lot of attention to certain people – building up points to use against them weeks and months down the road. A little odd; but thanks for reading my posts… I guess? Hopefully some day you’ll actually figure out a way to not use someones words from eons ago in some obtuse, twisted, and distorted way to try and prove some point today :joy:

Not sure why I’m even bothering, but my curiosity about APM is just a statistical curiosity. I could care less what APMs others have and it isn’t some competition for me; and I’ve never said my APM speed is off-the-charts incredible. One can be a champion at dragging walls and still be curious about APM; the two are not mutually exclusive, lol. They might be for you, but not for me. Obtuse and distorted point successfully avoided :+1:

A proactive deflection: Just so you know, I can even want auto-scouting and be curious about APM.

EDIT: Uh oh, I see you’re typing for quite a while :slight_smile: I expect a lot of kindness, positivity, and understanding!! :smiley:

Lol, I’ll explain why I’m curious about your apm.

A quote from yourself from the topic Get rid of “L” shape when creating walls now!


Also, I’m able to completely avoid dropping an L-shaped wall down 100% of the time. (That ability might make me an uber-elite AoE player, then, since it sounds like elite players struggle… based on words above.) I don’t, personally, know why this L-shape thing is such a huge deal… but if the devs add the SHIFT and CTRL modifiers I suggested anyways, then problem solved!

You are so confused why others are having issues with this annoying wall algorithm which creates unintended outcomes when playing fast. The only explanation can be is that you take your time to make the walls, nice and easy. That’s no problem at all, but unfortunately it’s really your thing to interfere in MP issues with your own takes which seem to come from a different world and have little relevance to online play. Ofcourse I cannot forget things like that.

The only reason why I come to this forum is because there are a lot of problems with this game and some opinions are not represented enough. If you expect me to be positive it’s not gonna be here.

I suggest you use the program I linked above, it’s my preferred apm counter. Isn’t that nice!

Incredibly nice, thank you. But presented with a jab before :joy:

Surely you can see my sarcasm in that post, yeah? Don’t worry, I’m no uber-elite AoE player; I was kidding about that.

I do feel I’m able to avoid dropping an L-shape 100% of the time, though. I slow down specifically for that action to make sure I get it right, since it is sometimes a fine line when trying to specify a diagonal wall vs. an L-shape. Is why I suggested the CTRL and/or SHIFT modifier. The Salamander Thing® might be cool, though, too. As I play more AoE over time, I will be on the lookout for the dreaded wall issue™ and report back if I lose my perceived 100% perfect wall streak.

I’ve seen vids, and I don’t recall the wall issue ever happening to me. I still wonder if Internet lag might be a factor for some of the cases… or maybe even processor lag or too many computations for the processor to handle (I have an i9 CPU so processing should be relatively okay). I digress, though… this beautiful topic is about APM

PS: Your link to my post is broken. You’ll need to remove the colon ( : ) at the end if you want it to work.