Get rid of "L" shape when creating walls now!

No one in the history of AoE2 has ever meant to build an L shape wall when trying to drag one diagonally. They are useless and a constant source of frustration for competitive players trying to quick wall. They have gotten better since the original game, but still there should only be the option to build a wall one side at a time. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve tried to create a diagonal wall and then last second it creates an L and i have to try to quickly delete it in the middle of the game so dumb. If you want to make an L two clicks across and down, but no one ever wants to create L walls get rid of it now!


Excellent suggestion! 100% agree!


Good suggestion, bro.


Relevant thread:


agreed, it would make the placement less sensitive to errors.

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Maybe allow L shaped wall if one of the side is of 2-3 squares long max. if both sides go over that, allow only straight walls…


10-year old me: But how will I make my huge walls of hugeness to keep out the easy AI?
Current me: DO THIS NOW.


One of the community member already created an optimal wall solution that is interactable (@SalamanderRobot)

Age of Salamanders: Tile Indicator /Optima Wall (

And, he also created a ‘find a hole in the wall’ qol improvement in the same page. Check with space bar, by hovering the mouse in the tiles.


I made a suggetion about the holes very long time ago too.


I disagree. I don’t mind “L”-shaped walls and probably want them 30% of the time. I say leave functionality as is; I’m used to it by now, and don’t mind making walls in sections or using whatever workaround(s) is/are required. The game is 20 years old; let’s not get too carried away with changes

Or, better yet (to suit everyone’s needs), I propose an enhancement:

  • Keep the existing functionality as is, but as you’re placing a wall (before you’ve let go of the left-mouse button to place it), be able to hold the SHIFT button to force it straight-shaped or CTRL to force it “L”-shaped. Problem solved! :slight_smile:

Or the times you intend to make a straight piece, but on the last tile it places 2 walls next to eachother.


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Great to see that there are still many people interested in this QoL suggestion :smiley:

You can find the full discussion in the Optimal Walling topic.

If you want to see it in-game, you can test it with the Age of Salamanders scenario (as mentioned by @SlinkyRobin8549 ).

I also made an interactive JavaScript tool only for this L-shape issue (with comparison to the current implementation ; open it in full page for the optimal experience):

There are in fact 4 different configurations when joining two wall end points. In the JavaScript tool, you can use the mouse wheel (or right click) to switch between these 4 configurations, similarly to the placement of gates in DE.

You can play with the aforementioned JavaScript tool to see something similar (but using the mouse wheel for 4 configurations instead of 2). :wink:

Nice, this would fit well with the Dijkstra Tile Indicator suggestion :wink:


Dude - what’s wrong with posting about the Salamander thing?
I literally had no idea that the Salamander thing existed until I read this post today. Accordingly, if no one had posted about “the Salamander thing,” I probably would never have known that the Salamander thing existed. Just because you may have seen something (in your opinion) too many times, doesn’t mean that everyone else has.

And I have to say - I’m a big fan of the Salamander thing! :slight_smile:
@SalamanderRobot This is an awesome implementation to solve this problem!

I don’t know if there is a way that we can submit this as a feature request, but I think it is one that definitely should be implemented!


Same. I didn’t know Salamander either before. Besides, Salamander has proposed a really good idea which is relevant to this thread.


Great idea. 100% support. Also well done man. This forum almost never agrees on anything and you received 30 likes in a day. Thats historic.

If anything the wall could have a toggle option in the menu that’s default set to walls can only be placed as you recommend. And for the eccentrics they can toggle it to lay walls how they currently are in game.

While we all admit it’s a great idea. It’s pretty low odds of actually being implemented into the game…

Why don’t they just remove the L algorythm, how hard can it be?

For years players have been posting about this, what needs to happen to make this nobrainer come through?

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Finally, an actual good suggestion.

I always liked the idea @SalamanderRobot proposed as the fix.

And I think, ironically, AOE3 has a better walling system. Maybe we could use that too


Yeah its ironic that a more modern game has better mechanics… Like how units can have multiple modes of fighting or realistically use different pop. So ironic

But more importantly aoe3 grid system and the walls are calculated is vastly different.

Im up for it, but GL convincing your pro conservative buddies… Apparently nothing ever needs to change…

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I do use L shape wall from time to time. in rare circumstances building turn out the way it is sometimes single command of L shape wall will cover entire area instead of having doing two commands of two straight wall to form L shape.

do not remove this.


Cool, but I like my idea with SHIFT and CTRL better :slight_smile: Middle-mouse button rolling while holding left-mouse button down in the salamander thing feels unnatural. I know of no other games or apps that use this; or if they do, it’s the last thing I’d try, and so have never stumbled upon it.

I don’t need the salamander thing, but the salamander thing is pretty cool

Also, I’m able to completely avoid dropping an L-shaped wall down 100% of the time. (That ability might make me an uber-elite AoE player, then, since it sounds like elite players struggle… based on words above.) I don’t, personally, know why this L-shape thing is such a huge deal… but if the devs add the SHIFT and CTRL modifiers I suggested anyways, then problem solved!