Apple M1 support please

Apple M1 MacBooks are here. AoE series would play brilliantly on these devices!
Please Microsoft, make them native on ARM M1. You will sell hundreds of thousands for MacOS Big Sur. I have been using Intel x86 CPUs since their 286 line but M1 is a refreshing revolution for laptops.



The Devs would have to make the code for the game almost from scratch to make it native for the ARM architecture. They have been working on the x86 version of the game for more then 20 years and it still has bugs :sweat_smile:.

Besides it’s not even supported on Mac OS because Microsoft wants people to use the windows store…

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Isn’t Steam on Mac though?

Yes, but there is no official support for MacOS for the DE Version of the game.

Oh, well

It’s a Windows exclusive game then I’d guess

Personally never understood the purpose of exclusive titles

If it can be on all platforms, more money will be made, isn’t that true?

yes and no.
how much would it cost to code it for MAC OS? how many people legitimately play video games on a MAC OS?

is it going to be worth it to code it?

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Exclusive games as for PS4-PS5 and XBOX exclusives

That’s what I meant

I’d also love to see that. I think ARM CPUs like Apple’s M1 have a huge potential and already show great performance.
ARM CPUs may become more important in the next years, so developers will be “forced” to bring their games to the ARM plattform, too.
However, I’m not sure if Microsoft is wise enough to see that right in the beginning of this trend. :wink:

Yes Megaguller I guess that they do not see the tides shifting!
Exclusive titles are so 20th century…
I love good Intel system but if they cannot produce good laptops I am glad to embark on ARM laptops. Believe me millions will do the same!

Most sales are on Steam though …

You guys are seriously overestimating the power of M1 chip. I’d say don’t believe anything Apple says in their marketing material. Marketing is just a legal way to spread lies.

Besides that, Apple and Microsoft are still sort of rivals so porting games to a competing platform might not happen, at least without serious incentives. It’d be cool to have AOE2 DE on a Mac but we wont have Windows support on M1 chip anytime soon even with virtualisation. I personally have a very hard time seeing why Microsoft would consider porting this title to Mac as a native game.

I guess it’s not only a thing between Microsoft and Apple.
ARM chips - besides Apple’s - are kind of evolving very fast, so I assume there might be several other manufacturers developing ARM systems (Notebooks / PCs). Indeed, I think there will be more and more pressure for Microsoft to release a real Windows for ARM in some years. Then, there would be a chance that future games will be brought to ARM, too. And then, the step to bring games to Apples M1 would be much smaller than today.
But that’s just speculations, I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, you’re right. There’s not enough experience for the actual performance of Apple’s M1 chip, but I think they know what they’re doing. Also, Apple’s A14 e.g. is one of the most powerful Smartphone Chips.

Yes, but they were initially planning to release it only in the Windows Store. However, they later decided to release it on both platforms…