April PUP Notes

April Update – Build # 100.14.1957.0


  • Fixed an issue where the game would sometimes report being out of memory for particles.

  • Fixed an issue where certain visual effects would incorrectly fly rapidly vertically offscreen and in rare cases result in a crash.

    • Having units be extremely close to buildings while throwing torches, for example could result in the torch VFX flying off screen.
  • Fixed a physics-related crash where maps like Anatolia caused an buffer overflow because they contain a huge number of separate cliff pieces. Treaty games especially could crash on this map as multiple walls get destroyed at the same time.



  • Conquistador (Jesuits):

    • Now inflicts 1 area damage with ranged attacks.

    • Siege damage increased to 14 (from 9).

    • o Cost changed to 80f 80w (from 85f 70w).

  • Drummer (House of Hanover): No longer affects artillery.

  • Light Infantry: Corrected the damage multipliers against Shock Infantry for the following Light Infantry units:

    • Evzone (Houses of Phanar)

    • Lenape Warrior (Lenape)

    • Royal Arquebusier (House of Vasa)

    • Wakina Rifleman (Lakota)

  • Red Sea Wagon (Somalis): Can now build Lombards for the Italian civilization.

  • Royal Hunter (House of Oldenburg): The military upgrade of the Royal Huntsman can now be trained in batches.

  • Royal Dragoon (House of Bourbon):

    • Rate of fire improved to 2.5 (from 2.75) (to reduce the delay of the set-up animation).

    • Ranged damage increased to 18 (from 17.5).

    • LOS corrected to 20 (up from 18).

  • Shipments: Corrected the arrival time of several shipments, including all Battleship cards now arrive in 60 seconds (up from 40) as intended.

  • The Mercenary Contractor (Politician, IV → V): Now increases the attack and hitpoints of Outlaws by 50%, as expected.

  • Zapotec Lightning Warrior (Zapotecs): Corrected an issue resulting in units obtained from some cards to have more hitpoints than those available at Zapotec Settlements.



  • Eagle Scout: Fixed an issue causing the Imperial Age upgrade to be applied to Eagle Scouts in the Industrial Age.

  • Town Center Big Buttons: Lowered the cost of big buttons in the Town Center to be in accordance with the new cost of the Jaguar Prowl Knight.


  • Dutch States Army (III): Now also makes infinite mercenary cards arrive faster.

  • Buckriders (II): Cost reduced to 250c (from 500c).


  • Italian Firearms (IV): Now affects the Sebastopol Mortar as intended.

  • Stranger’s Quarters (IV): Is now set to active by default in Post-Imperial games.


  • Prince-Electors (I):

    • Fixed an issue with the Oldenburg Royal Hunter costing no population slot.

    • Fixed an issue with missing unit upgrades that occured when also being allied to German Royal Houses on the map.

    • Allying to the same Royal House on the map and in the Native Embassy will now increase the unit build limit.


  • Aenna: Now shoot arrows faster the closer the target is and ranged attacks benefit from target lock.

  • 5 Renegade French (IV): Now sends 8 Gendarme Cuirassiers (up from 5).

  • 11 Renegade Dutch (IV): Now sends 20 Stadswacht Halberdiers (up from 11), but cost increased to 1500c.

  • 22 Lenape Allies (IV): Now arrives in 60 seconds (up from 40) as intended.

  • North America Trade (IV): Moved to Age 3.

  • Covenant Chain (IV): Cost reduced to 2000c (from 3000c), but now sends 4 Irish Brigadiers (down from 8), 4 Highlanders, 3 Harquebusiers and 2 Heavy Cannons (no changes). The card is now infinite.


  • Fulani Archer: Damage multiplier versus Heavy Infantry increased to 1.75x (from 1.5x).

  • Stranger’s Quarters (IV): Is now set to active by default in Post-Imperial games.


  • Kancha House: Hitpoints decreased to 1600 (from 2000) and costs to 170w (from 180w).

  • Monumental Architecture (II): Moved to Age 3.

  • Royal Festival (Big Button): This big button delivering 1 Macemen per 4 minutes of game time now costs 250 of each resource (down from #### 400w 500c).

  • Supay Ceremony (IV): Maceman spawn time reduced by roughly -30%.


  • Azap (Ottoman Consulate): Improved the rendering speed of the Azap visuals.

  • Dravidian Martial Arts: Fixed an error that granted Sepoys +5% melee damage in the Volley stance.


  • Architect:

    • Hitpoints reduced to 225 (from 275).

    • Initial build limit reduced to 2 (from 5) and now increases by +1 at every age-up.

    • Now builds Outposts in 170 seconds (up from 150), Town Centers in 270 seconds (up from 250), and Walls in 12 seconds (up from 10).


  • North America Trade (IV): Moved to Age 3.


  • Barbacoa (I): Now correctly causes all livestock to fatten more quickly when gathering from a Hacienda.

  • Coach Guns (Baja Revolution): Now ships 3 Bandidos and 3 Cuatreros instead of Renegados and Comancheros.

  • Criollos (II): Now arrives in 40 seconds (down from 60) as intended.

  • Plan of Miramare (IV): Now also increases Bandido range by 2 as intended.


  • Azap: Improved the default attack animation.

  • Kapikulu Corps (IV, Palace Intrigue): Cost increased to 2000 food (up from 1400), but now also delivers 5 Spahi (up from 4).

  • Matrakci School (II): Replaced the placeholder icon with the correct one.


  • Starting Crates: Now starts the game with +50 food.

  • Constable: Now affects Llaneros (instead of Dragoon Combat).


  • Viceroyalty of New Spain (III): Soldados are now balanced with regular combat values (-10%) and need to be updated manually to Guard and Imperial status in the Hacienda.

    • Note: The Mexico revolution continues to automatically research Guard Soldados.
  • Spanish Square (IV): Corrected an issue that allowed sending this card a second time in the Imperial Age.


  • Gustavian Guards (II, Treaty of Roskilde): Cost increased to 1700f (from 1500f).

United States

  • Dutch Immigrants (I): Cost reduced to 300c (from 350c)

  • French Immigrants (I): Cost reduced to 225w (from 250w)

  • Oklahoma Black Mesa (III): Cost reduced to 200w (from 500w


What an excellent update, great list of changes. Italian FI fixed, Soldado FI fixed and they haven’t ruined italy in the process of nerfing the FI.

Well done devs.


No British buffs, disappointing a little bit.


I’ll just keep posting this until someday it’s taken seriously. It’s literally just asking for the original mercenary rework that only Europeans got with DE release years ago (zero game-breaking), considering that they were never alone in their reliance on mercenaries in TAD.


Mostly good changes. Ill only speak to civs I play The haude change to aenna feels a nice change to help vs musk huss espcially as heavy cav or goon a big problem early for haude. The NA trade to 3 must be for treaty as i feel like this doesnt help team haude since age3 already bloated age3 (all the seige, cav cards alone) and ofc 1v1 haudes deck for age3 is super tight. Wont change civ too much, but some nice QoL albeit NA trade is probably out of my supremacy decks

Port 50f replaces the hunt bonus loss and helps them get stuff out in an ordelt timing which is nice. My only ask would be since shotels got a bit of a nerf last patch and no cav mercs in age3, maybe adding 1 shotel to the age3 politician to give ports a bit more ability to push out again.

Still, kudos to devs for attending to so much lame. Reducing tower FI, soldado cheese, and fish rush is the type of stuff that a quick patch can stop to make ladder more enjoyable again, and then later devs im sure will dig into the deeper stuff like how to address all the changes otto, india, Sweden got or italy got last few patches to ensure civs dont get nerfed into oblivion but toned down. Or find meaningful testing time to civs like ports, russia, and WC natives to address ways to make them a but more dyanamic without breaking them. Good to see!


Thank you for addressing the arrival time of some shipments. :slight_smile:
I still find it odd that Malta’s Order Unit shipments arrive in 60 seconds instead of 40 seconds but these changes are very nice to have!

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nice, clean pup patch notes. nothing crazy, looks great!


Revert the Boyars nerf please…


Since this is often left out in the pup notes, I need to ask if there are any new maps?

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“Viceroyalty of New Spain (III)” this card deserved to be nerfed. But It has been overnerf.


It’s still a great card, if you use both haciendas for gold it saves you 2400 wood, even with 1 on food and 1 on gold it still saves you 2k wood. The soldados were broken af especially as they were 10% stronger than normal soldados and could get 25% more attack from age 4 card and free guard upgrade(could even buff further with unction), now you can still spawn them and still get vet soldados at no cost but now you pay for the guard tech just like mexico would have to and you still don’t need to leave base to spawn them infinitely.


Yes, soldiers were Broken. I think that is ok that they dont be 10% stronger.

But that now you need to update them paying… “Viceroyalty of New Spain (III)” is a dead card now.


Nah I used it without spawning soldados doing the ff into marvelous year with 3 tc’s and getting 99 vill eco by 15 min.

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True, probable the card still being useful. But the soldado is dead.


No Nerf for China? What a disappointment


They did get heavy nerfs last patch.

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Solidado lame will still be a thing.

All the op civs hardly touched. More of the same.

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that’s some pretty massive buffs.


RIP Soldado. I think that removing them from the haciendas and adding them to the barracks for a lot of gold would be a good idea. Now Spain with capitalism and Spanish gold could create them well.