Arambai need nerf

Soo as the title say arambai need nerf no unit can against mass arambai soo you should nerf it.

Arambai From Wiki: Weak vs: Archers (especially Skirmishers), Kamayuks, Genoese Crossbowmen, Huskarls, Mamelukes, Camel Riders, Eagle Warriors, Samurai, Camel Archers, Genitours.

They missing two armor upgrades. They are squishy as hell. Glass cannons.

Burmese have the worst archers in the game. Burmese are a high skilled player civ, then they are good. But for a noobish, casual players, they are absolutely awful. Arambai need lots of micro to be used effectively. If not microed, they are pretty awful units.

You would be correct, if only we didnt have the TGs - Arena - Doubble Castle Arambai.
On this map, they are broken. And it doesn’t require high skill. Everything you need is to watch the video or read the build order and try it 3 times (even against the easiest AI, so that you can execute it somewhat decenly).

Then , as it has been explained many times online (here, reddit, zone), all the players of the enemy team have to be prepared for 20 arambais at minute 20. Arambais have mobility, the ability to utterly destroy buildings and they use knights as their toys. If you go to one pocket and you see that you can’t do damage (Castle, 20 skirms), you just move on to plan b. If every player decides to counter you, then it’s a free win for your teammates, because they had all this time to boom freely.

You also have plenty of time to micro, since this strategy doesn’t require any eco at all. It is possible to destroy 2-3 players with just 35 vills.


Then just ban them on that map.

How would you nerf the Burmese without turning them into garbage? If they nerfed there, they need help some place else. Because on Arabia they are trash I find.


I agree. However I still think that it needs to be addressed somehow. I don’t think that banning them on Arena is the proper way though.

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4v4 arena really is a specific scenario. In all other settings they are either fine (1v1 arena) or at best mediocre (ara 1v1 and tgs). How are you gonna adress this without affecting other settings? Tbh I don’t see a way to do this.


they are not weak its a liar they have to be nerfed in mass they are invencible. only siege onager can with them

That’s not true. They are very strong in masses though and there is no hard counter to them at that point, since they can even jump on groups of Archers/Skirms. Those units still beat Arambai cost effectively though.

I’d even say xbows are a hard counter to them. Once they have ballistics arambai can’t engage here. Sure if they are in equal numbers arambai might win (depends on micro I guess) but in real scenario you’ll always have more xbows. Again, this might not apply in the mentioned arena tg setting but that’s not due to arambai themselves but to the specifics of this map in tg.

While it is true that on Arena the Burmese can be quite a strong play - they are very 1 dimensional on that map (very similar to the Goths in that regard). If their one strat doesn’t work - they are often in a losing position. A “glass cannon” as BomberGriffin stated.

As soon as you see certain civs, you know the strat the opposing playing is going to follow, and you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

Arambai are hard countered by skirms & castles.

That being said, I do agree that it seems ridiculous to have a UU that is a ranged mounted battering ram…
I normally am not a proponent of “nerfing” units, but the Arambai was an addition to the game that I believe has been broken since its inception. I definitely believe that its attack against buildings needs to be lowered significantly.

Overall though, the counter is straightforward, just annoying to deal with.
This also has been discussed in some detail here as well for some further reading :slight_smile:


Arambai has +0 attack vs Buildings

So how do you nerf that?

I am referring to Manipur Cavalry which gives the Arambai +6 against buildings

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Maybe by giving them negative damage against them?

Manipur is an Imp UT, nerfing it doesnt change anything. All the damage is being done in Castle Age.


The reason is, Arambais have Melee attack. It’s like Knights attacking a building, just that Arambais have more attack.
Buildings only have good pierce armor.

skrimish dosent work, arambai eat it.

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Pierce damage my bro… How’s them rams looking if it was melee dmg?

Part of the issue why they eat buildings is because 20 units with high damage are hitting the same building, whereas melee fighters block each other. As an example Saracen archers don’t do THAT much damage but it’s due to 20 of em hitting the same building that makes the big difference.

But hasn’t it been confirmed the arambai is being nerfed anyway? And we’re all trying to guess what burma is getting in compensation?

Nerf Arambai base damage to 1 and they should deal bonus damage vs everything expect Buildings.

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Arambais destroying rams very fast.

If they do pierce damage, then Conqs and jannisars and HC should be able destroy buildings as fast as Arambais too. And there nobody complain yet.

They do pierce damage but have atk bonus vs rams. And conqs are also pretty good vs buildings but arambai have slightly more attack and fire a lot faster.

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They do pierce damage. They are cavalry archers after all.

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