Archers ignore enemy units, instead attack buildings

This major (!) bug hasn’t been fixed since the betas of aoe4.
Whenever you have archers around enemy buildings, they’ll lock their attack on these buildings instead of attacking military units or villagers.
Imo units should NEVER (!) attack buildings, as long as any economic/military unit is in range and vision.

This is especially problematic if combined with an attackmove-command.

I am 100% sure this is a bug or gone wrong coding, as in aoe3 this problem does not exist.
There, if anything alive is in range of an archer, skirmisher, musketeer etc, this unit will ALWAYS (!) focus it down first and only when nothing else is in range, start attacking buildings.

This bug is a severe problem, as units get stuck on towncenters especially when you try and overwhelm an enemy in their base.
Thus, it massively adds to the defender’s advantage and forces the game to be more boom-oriented and punishes aggression, limits the freedom of playstyles.
Especially painfu it is, whenever you have a lot of archers and try and attackmove towards enemy troops at their tc. They’ll all start attacking the TC and you lose the fight.
The only solution is to forcefully rightclick at the enemy units but this way your army will again overkill these units in an extreme way.

This problem exists for melee units as well, though for ranged units it’s especially extreme.

Sorry for my bad English, it’s not my native language.

Please fix!!!

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You did great :slight_smile:! We’ll take a look at the logic here.

We really appreciate the feedback. Thanks @Carry_Potter_woll!

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