Architecture of east Asia

Hi everyone can I ask for someone make mod architecture building for east Asia culture? Please version 2013 get but DE not see it for long time. Mod building for 2013 is good and I hope DE will get it soon

What? This doesn’t make sense to me. Do you want someone to replace the DE east asia graphics with the HD equivalents?

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My guess is they want one of the HD edition independent architecture mods converted to be usable in DE… But it’s not very clear… (And they don’t say which one.)

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Not replace from 2013 edition standard. I mean take from the building mod separate in browser mod before. With Royal roof for architecture, building mod of east Asia before have số much thank for read.

Yes, thank for understand me, but exactly 1 mod I don’t know, before ơn 2013 have many great mod. Or maybe I can find some link mod to this post?