Are Camels balanced?

also camels can be countered by infantry,archer,defensive structures, even jans ,or HC’s.
i think camels need clear slight buff maybe normal camel 8 dmg and heavy camel10 dmg would be ok.
imp camel can be remain 10 or 11 .


Camels are no longer countered by defensive structures. If they are countered by archer and infantry, it’s normal since they are anti-cav only, just like pikes.

As a berber and cuman player myself, I agree Camels are not a good value relative to knights. They are more than 80% of the cost of a knight, but does only well against knights. They get slaughtered by pikes, ranged unites, infantry, not that reliable againse cav archers, and are not good for raiding (week armor and week attack).
I ever only make camels in early castle age, if I am booming, and need a few to resist knight rushes. Even then I mix them with knights in case archers are coming. They are horrible value in imperial age.

They need a buff, whether a higher attack, lower cost, or lower bonus against them from pikes. Any of these solutions would work, but right now they are not that often used.


I don’t get it, wouldn’t all this be expected since the unit is a counter cavalry unit? It would be like complaining pikes are like 40% the price of knights without being no where close 40% as strong.

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The issue is camels costing 60 gold for a counter unit but having nowhere the value as an overall unit. Not just that, they also need 55 food, so its also eco drain. Camels are just plain outclassed outside of counter cavalry units. I guess having +1 base attack for both normal and heavy would be a good buff or adjusting the bonus damage they take from spearline so they don’t destroy them 1v1

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They can kill cav archers tho

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barely. Questionable.

No, they actually have the speed and damage, to catch and kill Cav Archers.

Iirc in African kingdoms they increased anti camel damage for spears, chieftains infantry and genoese xbows, so there is a good reason they are like that I guess.

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as cav archer has big frame delay yes camels can do that

Rise of rajas change, Yes I addressed that in this thread last month, it was done for nerfing imperial camel which traded too well against halbs. But this effectively nerfed all camels

Yes, that’s why I said barely. They have 0 pierce armor and if the cav archers have meatshield, it’s even less effective

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Castle Age Camel Riders specifically are underwhelming and dare I say, underpowered. Their anti-cav bonus is just +9 for a base melee attack of just 6, meaning they do only 3 more damage to knights than the Knights deal them back.
And the Knights attack rate is significantly higher.

The anti-cav bonus should be increased to +12 at least, considering it is +18 for Heavy Camels.

Castle Age Camels are good enough for killing Knights and Cav Archers.

And camels cost less, move faster, and train faster. But hey, let’s ignore that. Also I like how all of a sudden a .2 difference in attack speed is significant…

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Castle Age Camels are much much weaker against every other type of unit and are now hard countered by pikes. They also cost almost as much as Knights.
Heavy and Imperial Camels are in a good place though I agree. No buffs to those. (And this is coming from an Imperial Camel himself :laughing: )

I know very well they produce 8s quicker. But that’s not the point here.

I think adding 1 more attack to Castle Age Camels should do the trick. Very slight buff.
Either that or just 3 more anti cav damage. As of now, +9 in castle age is very weak considering their super weak base attack and ZERO armor.

Well yeah. They’ve always been hardcountered by pikes.
By almost you mean 5 food and 15g. And training time matters whether you like it or not. In the time a player can make 8 knights his opponent has made 10 camels. (11 if out if 1 stable instead of 2)The camels will win that fight.

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What do you think about this minor buff? No other changes required.
As of now 6 base damage is just abysmal for a heavy cavalry unit, its too too low. 7 would be ok as at least they will be on par with LCav.

Any reason why this minor change should not be done?? We do want to see camels in castle age right? From civs other than Byz and Ind

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Heavy cavalry are considered heavy because they are armored. Camels are not.

Games over 20 years old. If camels were underpowered it would have been changed by now.

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Laughs in

The Conquerors [image]Edit

  • Camels now train in 22 seconds. (BUFF -> Underpowered)
  • Camels now have a movement speed of 1.45. (BUFF -> Underpowered)
  • The cavalry armor class is removed from the Camels, so they do not take bonus damage from anti-cavalry attacks anymore. Instead, Camels are moved in another armor class along with ships, and now take bonus damage from anti-ship/anti-camel attacks. The Camels themselves also gain an attack bonus of +5 against their own class (and as such, also against ships). (BUFF -> Underpowered)
  • Bloodlines introduced. (BUFF -> Underpowered)
  • Saracens: Zealotry introduced. (BUFF -> Underpowered)

The Forgotten [image]Edit

  • Camels now have a base attack of 6. (BUFF -> Underpowered)
  • Camels now have an attack bonus against cavalry of +9. (BUFF -> Underpowered)
  • The upgrade to the Heavy Camel now needs 105 seconds. (BUFF -> Underpowered)
  • Indians: Camels have +1/+1 armor. (BUFF -> Underpowered)

The African Kingdoms [image]Edit

  • The ship armor class is removed from the Camel, and they receive a new armor class, against which they also gain an attack bonus of +5. Nevertheless, the Camels keep their attack bonus of +5 against ships. Anti-cavalry attacks still do not affect Camels. (BUFF -> Underpowered)
  • Berbers: Initially, Camels were 20% cheaper from the Castle Age on. With patch 4.8, that bonus was staggered to 15%/20% in the Castle/Imperial Age.

I would mind them to have 7 attack as base. Heavy camel could have 8, and imperial remain with 9