Are Camels balanced?

Yeah and do you see any balance changss since then? No where did I say they didn’t receive changes. African kingdoms was 4.5 years ago. 4.5 years and no issues doing their job.

Its almost like people realize they are cheaper and train faster.

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So what? Do you want to prevent discussion? You didnt answer any questions:

  1. What do you think about this minor buff? Any reason why this minor change should not be done??

  2. Do you not want to see camels in castle age (outside of just Ind, Byz) ? Or not?

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Where did I say that? No. I said they weren’t underpowered. You claim they are but you don’t even take into consideration cost and build time.

When did I not take that into consideration? Stop trying to muddy the water in the discussion. Let me repeat the questions I posed to know the reasoning of your arguments (outside of “Dhese geme ees 20 year oold DUH”)

  1. What is the REASON this minor change should not be done?? i.e. what will be the negative consequences??
  2. Do you not want to see camels in castle age outside of just Ind and Byz ? Or not?

Huh, as if just because “Dhese geme ees 20 year oold” implies it is perfect.


Obviously I’m against this buff. I dont feel the unit is underpowered.

I see other civs make them and use them myself too, depending on what civ I am and what I am playing against. Mostly the latter matters.

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How many times do I repeat this? You cannot just state things as facts, you need to provide atleast some reasoning.

  1. What will be the negative consequences of this change ??
  2. Do you not want to see camels in castle age outside of just Ind and Byz (in HIGH ELOs and competitive, not in low level play)

You don’t change stuff just for the sake of change. You need a reason to change it. Their might not be any negative consequences but is their any real reason thay camels NEED TO BE BUFFED? are they not doing their job?
I already answered 2. I’ve seen camels used and used camels, in castle age as someone other then Indians and byzantine.

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I don’t think camels need a buff. They are supposed to be a counter to cavalry, while retaining some degree of versatility against other units. I think that’s achieved in the current balance. Camels are not supposed to be an alternative to knights, except for indians (and perhaps for saracens to some extent), which already have a relevant unit bonus for that.

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You did completely ignore the fact that after these changes occured, anti-cav units (pikes/genoese xbows/Viking infantry) were buffed to be better camel counters and the Indian lost their bonus melee armour on camels as well. So it’s a bit biased to only look at the camel changelog.

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Exactly, and camels were not exactly overpowered before those changes, were they really?
Hence, now atleast the Non-Heavy camels should get a Light Cav level of bare minimum attack.

It is the cavalry with the lowest attack in the game(outside of scout) and it costs 60G for heaven’s sake.
+1 attack to non-heavy is not going to make Camel Rider a Knight replacement, for god’s sake. Exradicator’s logic doesn’t hold here. Please understand the situation with Non-Heavy Camels specifically.
They will still have 7 attack only, compared to Knights 10 and 2 melee armor, with slower attack. Heavy, Imperial are well balanced.

Up against units with some melee armor, that is like 50% more damage from the Knight, due to faster attack speed on Knights.

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I agree that a slight buff of +1 attack, or a slightly improved bonus attack against cavalry/CAs (in castle age) would be fair enough. One would make them a little less weak overall, the other would make slightly better in their main role, without breaking the game or anything bad really.

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You obviously upgrade them.

As a Castle Age Camel Rider, I can tell you I literally fell off my camel all the time, I was so imbalanced :cry: :cry:
And I couldn’t even do anything about it back then, I had such pitiful attack and no armor, even the sepoys who got only peanuts for pay were given better swords, actual armor, and faster horses :cry: :cry:

Thankfully I am an Imperial Camel now :grin: I can now compete by having the real anti-cav bonus of +18 which for whatever reason was comparatively nothing back then

#MakeCamelRidersOK ?

They are not just weak in castle age, they are useless in Imp.
How often do you see anyone stopping the Paladin attack with 40+ heavy camels? Never. Because I am not going to produce 40 Heavy Camels that are good for nothing except for the chance that my opponent went with Paladins. I’d rather go with Cavaliers or some other unit that could also be used for something else.

I think Heavy Camel also deserves some love here, be it the +1 attack (to a huge total of 8!!) or anything similar.

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That is true about heavy camel too, but atleast Heavy gets +18 bonus not just +9.

But the people here just disagree, It’s like they don’t want to see as many camels, they just want Knights , 20 times more often than Camels :cry:
As a Camel Rider myself, I am offended :cry:

Camel/Heavy Camel with +1 attack isn’t going to be suddenly Knight substitute or ground-breaking. We’ve seen this happen before with the +1 attack to Regular Camels.

Which only negates blacksmith upgrades and chemistry, point?


You don’t send unupgraded camels or any unit to counter something

don’t put words in my mouth, I was clearly talking about base 0 armor

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Didn’t say you weren’t
I said you never send unupgraded camel after a cav archer.
Not implying anything else.

yes and my point is they aren’t super good vs cav archers because of the lack of armor.

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