Are Cheaters Back?! Or did they never leave... Is this Map Hacks?!

Doesn’t seem like hack or cheating just from this video. Just seems like a regular lamer who happened to arrive right near the boar that’s being taken. And once the boar is spotted finding that villager isn’t a hack, its just common knowledge that most build orders involve boar luring around that time. Some people learn to play the game by learning the basics and some just want to do what their favorite streamer did in some game. This is extremely annoying to play against but don’t think it’s cheating based off the game shown in this video alone.

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fair point he will do more research on this player

Dont forget to change the speed into 1,5x to watch the video…

1.5x speed? I dont really understand. Cause the content creator talks to slow?

yeah like super slow

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Aside from actual games, I watch all YouTube videos at 1.5x speed at the minimum, but often 1.75x or 2x

Marshmallow Cheating Confirmed?! View Lock Trick - YouTube some more conclusive evidence. What do you think now?!

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Once again this seems to be one of the games where he found the first boar to lame. Once he did that, everything else seems quite normal. The remark at minute 3 - “oh common how did he know about the deer”, that’s just common sense that if boar is lamed, the natural thing to do would be to push or go with villagers to get the deer. He had scouted one side of blue’s base, saw villager coming from a certain direction and circles the other way hoping to lame more stuff - a very common thing to do while you lame.
The remark about not dropping tc, defensive tower, how he knew about feudal - he sees 2 vills on gold with a mining camp which is an indication that blue is up and is going to do man-at-arms or archers. Above a certain elo, its also quite obvious to notice score getting down. And the 9th minute in the video thing about the castle drop - thats definitely NOT cheating man. Its just a nice hill to control, the center hill between your and opponent base is something that you always go for. And you’re saying camel archer against Hindustanis is cheating?? That’s the most natural thing to do against Hindustanis as Berbers. What are you going to do - mass knights against their camels or try to outnumber his crossbows and lose all of them eventually to Ghulam? Go for supplies longswordsmen against that many crossbows? He was just camping around that hill the whole game trying to prevent him from accessing the main gold. Except the first boar and sheep, nothing else from this game is sketchy. Just feels very typical for a 1800+ lamer game. He lost villagers to crossbows at the woodline, many more at the secret wood line he was taking.

If I hide the name of a player who is good at laming and this type of messy gameplay and send you some recs and tell you he is a potential cheater, you’re automatically going to be biased and think he is actually a cheater when you watch the game. Its just a subset of his games where he was actually successful with the lame. The questions to ask is - does he lame every game or on matchups like this where the opponent has a stronger civ and the guy himself has a lame friendly civ?, does he catch and lame the boar every single game and never fail?, is he able to sense and stop when the opponent also does a forward rush or monk-mangonel rush or some other unorthodox open map strategy against him?


Guess MbL is a cheater. ;p

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haha…If it was any 2k+, there shouldn’t even be this discussion. Anyways I miss Mbl’s lames, its been 3 years since he was an active lamer.


MBLS Lames are legendary but are not cheats

naw the guy is cheating. dont even need to watch the 2nd video. 1st video is enough of a proof the probability is so low already of constantly getting lucky on a random map. and then proceeds to get lucky on 2nd vid, though not impossible but that isn’t how probability works.

99.999999/100 hacking, close enough to 100%

Thats extremly flawed logic. You are not looking at a random sample, but at a handpicked outlier…

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random sample. yeah ok.

when something as blatant as that replay, it is already pretty clear. but hey each to their own.

finding his own pigs does not look suspicious.
when he finds the opponent’s pig it makes sense to stop and not show your scout to avoid alerting your opponent.
I think going around and calling someone a cheater based on one game is toxic and shouldn’t be encouraged, but what can you expect from someone calling themselves ‘pooplord’?

that’s not how probability works. he goes forward, finds a boar and kills the villager going for it, that happens thousands of times each day without cheating

if those are back to back games, maybe you have a point. but if he goes forward with the scout every game he will get lucky in something like 1/3 games i reckon. So what one would have to do is get 10 games in a row and see if this always happens or if there are also games where he just sends the scout into the wrong corner looking for his opponent

presenting it the way pooplord does is inflammatory and irresponsible


First of all its not “constantly getting lucky”. If you watch some 1700+ level players games, quite often they’ll guess their opponent’s moves correctly depending on the civ. That’s just game knowledge. Sometimes, with scouting and the scores they guess opponent’s move correctly and plan counter play accordingly like the pre-emptive tower in the 2nd video anticipating gold army after seeing that the opponent is on gold. In general the game has a lot of random factors - sometimes scouts run into tc even for the top top players and sometimes they notice at the last second, move tangentially and save it. Sometimes drushes fail, sometimes quick walls fail, sometimes there’s an unnoticed hole in the wall, monk rng, unit behavior during attacks, so many things like that. You can’t conclude anything from 2 games, especially these ones.

That’s just poor knowledge of mathematics and statistics.
He could have played 1000 games, lamed very successfully in about 300, somewhat okish in about another 300 and failed about 400 games. These 2 games could be from one of those successful 300 lames. That’s not evidence that its a hack. There are hundreds of lamers in the game and they lame their opponent successfully plenty of times.
This guy could be a hacker but the probability of him being a hacker without watching these games and the probability of him being a hacker after watching these two games are nearly the same. These games offer negligible evidence related to it. So its rather 0.00000001% evidence that its hacking, close enough to 0%

And a lot of things he says is not even sensible. Like questioning the Camel archers choice in that matchup, castle on the central hill.


thanks thought it was clear as well

have two more just in case you are not convinced yet: Are you not convinced?! Is this Cheating or Just Xtreme Luck?! - YouTube Lion Rush Cheater?! Why you Always Lion: Blatant Map Hacks - YouTube

how does the lion video show anything remotely close to map hacks?

he gets the sheep a bit faster than average, but not much.
you then claim he finds ‘every lion’, ### #### no evidence of this. even if he did it’s not that hard: there are 7-8 wolves/bears/lions centered around the hill in the middle
finding your opponent on gold rush is also simple since they are always in a 30 degree slice opposite you

what i suspect you are really trying to do is stir controversy with unsubstantiated claims about some assumed cheaters to improve the number of views on #### ###### videos