Are Cheaters Back?! Or did they never leave... Is this Map Hacks?!

ow come on he find his oponet right away, doesnt know where the lions are but find almost all of them and finds the woodline without scouting. you really think this isnt map hacking still. This is like dream getting the minecraft world record. its to much luck.

finding opponent location on DE is actually not difficult, its darn easy, no need for map hacks to do it
basically, DE player spawning is always the same distance from map edge, in a perfect circle
with 2 players always close to opposite sides of that circle


yea, guess opponent’s move without seeing the villager moving towards the boar in fog while moving his scout downwards to block. he knew exactly where the vill is.

you can spin it however you like but if you can’t make it out, theres really nothing more to say.

also, it seems the one who doesn’t know how math and probability work is you. if you can’t even figure out what I meant by constantly getting lucky, again theres no more to say.


why is this so hard to understand this man is cheating 95% certain of it I could do more and more videos on this guy cause almsot every rec this happens. multiple content creators have covered this as well… This has to be cheating, no?

both are easy on gold rush.
lions are in the centre, if you run a villager across you will always get 6 wolves at least

my take, statistically its not completely impossible to do any of above legit way, what is unusual tho is how it all happens every single match, that sheep catch by sending vill in straight line is a sus move

because they wish to win an argument on the internet. well there is nothing 100% ever in life and human makes decision that benefits them mostly, we have to think using that approach otherwise nothing will ever be done.

imagine people in the world refuse to solve problem and move forward because of 0.000001% lmao.

coming from playing against hundreds of hackers in dota1 and starcraft, and even counterstrike, this is clear as day.

thats exactly it. honestly, happening so many times in a single game already pretty much show all of it.

based on experience, even the best player wouldn’t be this consistent, reminds me of some 1000 elo or so players using macros to quickwall, which ofc is imo not how it should be done, and you can tell when macros are used, cuz when you use macros, the building placement never appears, just instant foundation

well, I do not wish to go that route in terms of debate but I can understand why people would take experience into consideration.

if you look closely at the first game, him moving scout to where the boar is in itself is likely a single click. scout AI pathing walk towards it with no detour. that in itself isn’t concrete as most 1v1 map mirrors, and if u click opposite of map you can get it down a lot of the time, but the issue isn’t that and Im not even sure why people would bring this up as part of their argument.

he parked his scout there moves purposely outward to be outside of vills LOS when vill closes in, then proceeds to walk down only to walk up again to adjust because realizes his timing is off. then proceeds to go slighly behind the vill to adjust his position relative to the vill, without seeing position of the vill even once with the intent to block says it all.

making a single precise movement (scout to boar) maybe luck, doing several of them in succession can only be explained with the goal in mind that he is trying to block.

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do we know this player’s elo
basing on apm i’m observing

Guessing opponent’s move is about the tower for archers. The boar is just luck. Maybe another game he moves that way and finds nothing. Why do you think this one game is the reference for all the games of that player? Have you watched every game of this player?

Its one thing to be stupid but its a whole new level of arrogance to not even realize that you’re being stupid. The kind of confidence with no knowledge of basic statistics. 2 games out of potentially hundreds of games from a player is a statistically insignificant sample size. I’m not saying its impossible he’s a cheater, its quite possible, but these videos are not sufficient to conclude that.

Its just unfortunate you faced so many hackers in those games but in aoe 2, laming has happened this way for decades. Scouts move in search of something to lame and sometimes they find it.

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if you need to watch every game then your decision making must be really off.

resorting to attack already? tells me about your stupidity without telling me you’re stupid.

it truly is unfortunate, to have ignorant players like yourself defending a hacker.


its so unlikely that it becomes imposible in my opinion… yes it can happen but it should not happen.

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I dont need to watch every game because I’m not the one who’s randomly calling a guy who lamed as a cheater. The guy who wants to prove that he’s a cheater should do that. Instead of making these videos with a pre-conceived bias, if this guy and his opponents just kept reporting the guy, the moderators/devs would just take care of it.

Don’t pretend like you weren’t attacking. You watch two games and according to you that’s “constantly getting lucky” without any stats. You say its 99.9999/100 probability that its hacking – based on what? Do you even know what probability means? If you know math, you disprove my statement using stats. P(this guy is a hacker/cheater) ~ P(this guy is a hacker/cheater | he lamed in 2 games), this is my statement. Instead of saying I don’t know to do math, disprove it if you can. Btw P(A | B) means conditional probability of event A, when its given that event B has happened.

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the likelyness of cheating is high can you at least agree to that?!

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says the guy who asked “have you watch all the replay?” as part of their argument. dumb to a whole new level.

lol the double standard is real.

I think hes past that part. like we all argue on point and we all know its not 100%, yet he purely focuses on the 0.01% and try to discredit all other argument. i mea yea its obvious we know theres a TINY chance he might not be hacking but damn, shouldnt even have to point that out.

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Its not high, that’s exactly my point. None of the things that happened in those two youtube videos are unlikely events. Its as random as scout running into an unloomed villager and killing it. But if the person did this consecutively in several games, then its more likely he’s cheating. Its a 1750+ player, so its possible he has a good amount of experience with laming.

never asked it dumb kid. I implied how can you conclude something based on “2” videos. Because you’re that dumb, you couldn’t understand it.

its not a TINY chance that he’s not hacking. its a TINY chance that he’s not hacking if more instances of suspicious behavior are observed in his games.
I just checked his profile the guy has 80-50 win loss, 1750+ rating and is a Berbers picker. So he’s been doing the same laming thing in all his games. Unless he was this successful with his lames in majority of the games, its not a logical conclusion that he’s a hacker.

btw, pro players make content like this as well to teach how to lame. watch this video where Mbl explains the laming basics and demonstrates laming and runs into sheep and boar as well.
Very Basic Laming Tutorial And How To Find Your Enemy! - YouTube

whew! somebody is mad.

if you can’t even figure it out from those 2 video then you gotta do more work with your brain cells lmao.

exactly prove my point. you can’t think of all the possible scenario how someone could be possibly be hacking with that record/stats shows you got a lot more to learn.

try a little bit harder with those brain cells sir!

80 wins 50 losses is not an abnormal win-loss ratio kid. Next time when you watch some random video on internet, randomly accusing a stranger, don’t just believe it right away. Laming has happened since the 2000s where 4 digit latencies were common.