Are Cheaters Back?! Or did they never leave... Is this Map Hacks?!

=( looks like you still can’t figure it out huh. still got a long way to go!

I was able to find this from an old reddit post that was discussing about laming - The top left bar shows the percentage of games where boar was lamed both success and failure rates at boar stealing. And this is all from just one month of data from last year. Laming has been happening at all levels and in 5% of the games where boar laming was attempted, more often attempts were successful. The bottom graph shows the number of lamers at different elo ranges. So its not just 1 person but several people who lame. When the lamers set out, there’s a fair chance that they succeed in laming. Every successful attempt can be narrated the same way. I can just pick a random game where laming happened and say the same things that this narrator guy says and potray it as a hack or a cheat. How did the guy correctly find the sheep, the boar? Some amount of laming experience and some amount of luck OR hacking. So try to have an open mind about laming without being biased based on a video. This guy in question could be a hacker or just a lamer, 2 games not enough to prove that he definitely is a hacker.

since you are trying so hard, I’ll explain to you why your logic is flawed.

according to the stats, you have no idea if all of it came from Map hack, of which elo he played against to get to that point. he could have gotten hack recently and nulled all of your argument, or for all we know he could have made new account and started playing with the hack, or somewhere in between.

you point to his stats and claim he isn’t hacking is a uni varied analysis and is extremely limited. anyone got a half a brain cell with intelligence worth their salt would know how unreliable it is and would instantly consider other possibilities.

if throwing some chart and numbers make you feel safe at night so be it. honestly, Im disappointed, for someone who would argue the 0.1% that he isn’t cheating would take such a broad approach here and make a claim based on stats alone. im done here.

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I’m not claiming that, that’s my point. I’m saying that’s also a possibility. You’re the one who’s claiming that its 99.9999%. Two games aren’t a strong enough indicator of such a high probability of this guy being hacker.

This is the problem with foolishly arrogant people. You don’t even want to read or try to understand what someone else is saying. I’m neither saying he is cheating nor that he isn’t. I’m only saying that two games of successful laming isn’t indicative of such hacking especially when there are hundreds of players who lame and end up succeeding in finding the boar in more than half of their games. That’s what the chart shows.
Anyways I rest my case here, its not worth talking to someone like you who can’t even read something.


if you’re not clamining it why even brought up stats in the first place? its irrelevant as it’ll just make your argument moot.

further more, if you can’t tell when i say 99.999999999% as a way of saying I am confident he is hacking, as it is just a way to express myself then you jump to the wrong conclusion. but we already discussed that fact, as you’re not smart enough to figure it out.

says the one who does the insult first lmao. you have no right soon as you insult another for simply disagreeing with you. you shared your opinion why you think he isn’t hacking and I shared mine, and you drop insults. also never did I say the probability is from # of games, you assumed that, you actually have no idea what I mean by it so maybe you can try asking instead of assuming.

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I cant believe this is still an ongoing conversation and not just an open and shut case. other content creators ahve also covered issues with this same player what would convince you that this individual is cheating?

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First video looks fine to me, running into boar directly appears more often than you think if you are actively laming (I personally see it about one third of the time if I actively lame, and I usually arrive much faster (5~7 vill mark)

Second video does look a bit fishy as normally you don’t send Berber vills that early and hit the sheeps just in time, but there are only one game to judge and that is not convincing enough imo.

Also can we get a better analysis? That video is too slow paced and filled a lot of video with useless emotions, 2 to 3 games will be more convincing.


Just to let you know guys, there was this other known cheater with god nick that was doing exactly the same and got banned for like 1 month and now is back he admitted the usage of cheats, this other guys is the same, he doesn’t try to hide anything, he sends everything straight to the resources and knows where are the villagers from the enemy without scouting or LOS, he is a bad player and that is why his elo isn’t that high but he is starting to mastering the laming skills using the reveal map/units/res cheat.


whats the user name of this individual?!

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100% hacker, I have seen the other videos and it’s so obvious. People are so ignorant and even the hacker is saying he is having fun doing it.

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What can you get from hacking? You are more debasing yourself than accomplishing anything worth talking about.