Are instant free techs in general a problem?

Should these bonuses work in a different way like, free cost but still should take time to research it?
For example, Franks’ free mill upgrades, Turks’ free Light cav upgrades, Vikings’ wheelbarrow, and so on…


no, they are part of the fun of the game! they make the civilizations feel different even when is temporal.


I say just put All Techs as the default option for every game and make a new building Palace that allows you to train all unique units that seems like a pretty good idea.

What do you mean with “Temporal”?

What do you mean with… everything? Did you at least read the post?

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Means only during certain periods of time. I.e. the change only makes them different in very specific places like koreons getting free archer armour gives them some temporary uniqueness at the start of each age


I meant that the advantages of free techs are not perpetual (everlasting) because they end the moment the enemy research that tech. For example, vikings have an excellent eco but in imperial age, after reaching 120 villagers, their eco is standard compared to other civ with 120 villagers.

Of course, in some cases, the power spike of free techs can give you an enormous advantage that can snowball towards the victory, like in viking case


I guess all of them are OK but loom 11

Viper once said he dislike free/instant techs or units because those don’t add strategy for the player.

However, a lot of civs rely on that, Turks are centered around free chemistry and free Light cav and Hussar upgrades. Tatars rely on free Thumb Ring and Parthian Tactics as a cav archer civ. Vikings also need free wheelbarrow and Hand cart techs because their imperial age military is wayy limited.


I think free wheelbarrow and hand cart is a problem, I don’t think any complains about Koreans, or Burmese, or Byzantines for that reason.

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Well the free archer armor upgrades woke up the OP double castle WW, but I think is the problem for WW specifically.

War wagons get archer armor?

Yes WW are archer units, once one in castle and if you get two castles up, you just need to spam them until you get 20, all with the free armor, in conjunctiion with the wood discount, is really easy.
WW also get extra attack vs buildings.

no, only OP ones like Wheelbarrow/Vikings.

He was only referring to techs with an instant effect on unit numbers or resources, like Flemish Revolution and First Crusade.

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The only one that is questionable due to timing is the bulgarian m@a one. Turns your drush into an immediate M@A push.

He was entirely right, those techs ruin. the game.

I think at some point also referred to Vikings free Wheelbarrow and Hand cart, and Tatars free Thumb Ring and Parthian Tactics.

Nope, they’re not a problem.


I think instant free techs are rather boring bonuses, unless they are unit upgrades like maa or like Turkish scouts.

I like clicking techs