Are the devs reading any of the topics here?

Or is this forum just dead, haven’t seen a dev reply on any of the recent threads

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This matter is indeed not nice, because the most users do not know, how it is really like.

It is most likely, that the developers read some posts or at least the posts, which polarize a lot. For many years they have not made a single contribution to an thread of the forum topics, except if the players have posted their requests in the bug section.

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They probably do, but the problem is, most people on here have no idea what they’re talking about(Myself included), so it’s really not that helpful to read their ideas.


IMO, this forum is dead because we got nothing much to talk about, and the devs can’t solve or don’t care about some of the issues.

I want better matchmaking system for TG, solo team vs solo team, premade vs premade, or 4 bans for each team. I want more balanced civs instead of new civs and new mechanic ( yeah I am taking about Shrivamsha Rider).

How about solve the pathing problem first ?

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Yes they read and attend if they can.

The devs rarely post on the forums in general, it’s usually community managers who do. You can find them post often at the II - Report a Bug section.

I wouldn’t say the forums are dead, but the time inbetween DLC releases are usually the most inactive. If/when they start teasing new DLCs you can expect the forum to become more active again. See: everyone talking about DOI leaks, or Mountain Royals. Immediately after there are also popular threads talking about new DLC locations.

Also, just because there are few ‘new’ threads does not mean the forums are ‘dead’. You can see the traffic one specific thread generates on the right side of the forum screen. Sometimes, the forum is really active and you might not see it if you don’t follow the threads with hundreds or more posts, but the forum screen will highlight those thread summary numbers (post amount, views) with a brighter yellow colour.

However, whether devs read (or the community managers just forward what’s said here to them) or not is often discussed. I’d say the general forum consensus is that the posts do get read as some of the balance changes, or new civ designs have seemingly been inspired by suggestions or civ designs presented on the forums. So if you have a great suggestion in your head that you think should be in the game, you should make a thread (or post it wherever most fitting). The chances of it being read are not zero when you’ve posted the ideas here, but they are zero if you haven’t!


Yes, many new civ mechanics/suggestions actually started from the forum.

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My suggestion to reduce the food cost of Genitours was from my post here on the forum. So the devs definitely read it sometimes.

What exactly were you wanting as an answer and to what?
More than answering the non-bug threads, I’d rather than to actually make more threads pointing out something.
Threads about next tournaments, about bugfixes (for example: we’ve been working on pathing code for last whole semester, things are getting a better shape, but unfortunatelly isnt perfect yet, so you all will notice less issues and can be sure we wont neglect the rest of them" or “we have made some important progress in pathing, but we can put it in the next patch yet because x, y and z”), upcoming content (DLC or patches) etc

Answer to feature requests and known issues (which may not actually go under the bug section). There are some issues that has been there since the game started and alot of threads talking with nothing happening / no response from the devs

Funny that you mentioned the pathing, as its now actually worse. Villagers walk the opposite way alot of the time where they just get killed, or take a clearly less than optimal route where they end up also butchered. I don’t remember these pathing issues in the original AOE

I remember when this forum first started there were alot of responses form the devs, but now there isn’t any thats why I was asking if anyone is reading this or not

The devs have never been actively replaying to threads. In the next days of a patch they are sometimes a bit active in the bugs section, but that is all. Getting a replay from a dev in this discussion section has always been rare.