Are there bots in this game?

I just won a game against someone who resigned at the moment I was able to forge a decent defense. Also, this player’s scout (Chinese) outran my own (Byz) at a rate I’ve never seen, (his gained about 1 tile per 3 in a chase, where mine was weakened) in Dark or Feudal Age. He kept kackling like a hyena and typing “ROAAAAAR!” when things went his way. I think this is abusive, even if it isn’t a bot, and may very well be a cheat. What bothers me is that this screename had logged 0ver 6000 1v1 games, had barely a higher percentage than mine (I have less than a hundred) and yet he probably would have won if he hadn’t resigned. Experience tells me that bots may resign when they have either calculated a win or loss, and this felt just like that.

It’s almost like some aspects of multiplayer haven’t improved since MSNZONE.

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You can play against the AI in single player or in the lobby, but you always know it is a AI. In ranked there is no AI to play against.

What do you mean? Ranked is meant to have 50% winrate. Only at the real top and bottom this will be different.

Not really sure why this is really offensive. Trash talking happens sometime.

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Was it this guy? I think if it offended you the best thing to do is have a rant and move on. So rant “tick” hope you can forgive them and move on.


Did you miss the part where I said his scout outran mine. Neither civ had a bonus to speed.

Lmao yelling ROAR when things go his way, that’s so stupid hahaha! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I think i’m the one playing against bots, whenever i write stuff in chat no one says anything.

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Yeah i downloaded over 10 replays from this guy, apparently he only plays Arena and resigns right away when he gets a different map, so his elo is not true at all. Of the 10 matches i downloaded he only played 3. Are you the guy that made a bunch of stone walls and he started laughing saying it’s a maze? his reaction was pretty annoying for sure. Seems like he does this every time he plays, spam 11 and roar.

Don’t get scout a speed boost in feudal? Maybe he was on feudel and you in dark age. Or something like that.

Speed boost sounds also more like a hacker, not an AI.


no, i didn’t build any walls. I was playing Byz. And he couldn’t treb my castles before I trebbed his, even though he managed to block two stone deposits

Good question. I don’t know

Is it a lower level game? Because a lot of players at lower levels assume they have lost a lot earlier than they might have actually. Scouts also do get a speed boost when they reach Feudal.

feudal scouts are faster than dark age scouts. That’s why his scout was probably faster than yours. I doubt that there are speedhacks or sth. like dat.

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Here you go around 600 elo 1v1. However he drops a lot of games, from what i’ve seen his real elo would be around 900~

That may be the “resign as soon as anything goes remotely wrong” mindset though, rathering than trying to recover.

People who drop so much because they don’t like the map, should get banned for that reason. Just report such player for dropping early. This play style is just toxic. He is just bashing 600 elo players as 900 elo player. 900 elo is still bad, but at least much higher then the 600 elo player.

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No, i mean drops immediately as soon as the game starts. Anything that’s not Arena he drops. i downloaded around 15 replays to check, of those replays he only played 4 or 5, only Arena. I’d guess he’s around 900~1000 because there’s a clear difference between him and his opponents who are at 600~.

But any player with a good build order can win this guy, he resigns every time his enemy reaches Castle Age before him :rofl: At 600 elo however i can see him being hard to handle.

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Thanks, man. That’s good to know.

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Sounds like it. Somehow, I think AOE will flag more of my abbreviated choice word posts before they do anything about him and those like him. (Is this not the strictest forum in the world. I feel like I’m sitting down at Mr. Rogers’ for dinner.)

If you like, but I would suggest that this has caused you way more anguish than just moving on. And for no real gain.