Are you guys going to buy that AoE IV book?

Just curious, I know a lot of people wanted a Collector’s Edition, but they have announced this book:

FuturePress | Age of Empires IV (


Get The Official Age of Empires IV Companion Book! – Age of Empires

The price is okay, but I am trying to understand how many have bought or going to buy it?! Thank you.


At some point I’d love to. Looks fantastic.


Region lock, so no boock for me.

Any way, my wife would “kill” me if i bougth the book, wasting money on “useless” art that she do not like.

She prefer picture of flower then a game video picture.

Pooor me. XD


Not planning to right now, but I would love it! Hard for me to justify spending money on something that isn’t gameplay related, but I hope I can plant the idea in someone’s head that I would like it as a gift lol! I might but it sometime.


Oh crap. Sorry to hear that man! But of course, you have to listen to boss woman first (I can relate too lol).

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heheheh, hey Thanks Giving and Christmas is coming…I too share your sentiments. Game isn’t out yet, and it is hard to spend money on goodies when we don’t know about the main good.

I bought it. Wife is gonna kill me. But I figure in 20+ years this may worth more than 40 bucks.


No, but I bought the AoE4 mug with my custom banner on it. I’m a sucker for beer and empire building


A age og empire 4 mug, that should pass whit my wife…

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Already pre ordered the book as soon as I saw that there will be a book :laughing::laughing:


i NEED this book but i have no money to buy him :frowning:

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The book has no Japanese version. As a weeb studying Japanese that’s a no.


I wanted to, but the region I live is out of their service lol.

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If there’s a Portuguese, I’ll buy it.

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The book will also be on Amazon although I don’t know if in your region too and you can’t order yet.

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Can’t oder, i’m from canada, in the province of Québec, a french spoken region.

Some regional law comme in conflict whit delivery process.

I think it is because the item is not writhen in french. XD

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Oh I’m sorry to hear that although I thought that there was a French version of the book. If I remember correctly the languages one could choose were English, German and French.


LOL. Just don’t her.

Neat! I bought the mug too from the MS Store :slight_smile:

Damn!!! Congrats dude. I just hope it’s not a limited edition thing. I am waiting if they release a collector’s edition.