Are You Tired of European Civilizations in DLC(poll)

They work as a UU, but dont really work as a justification of them being a cav civ.

No, it should be the other way around. Make the new civ as diferent as possible

A South Asian dlc would be interesting with new battlegrounds, troops and tactics.


Was a bigger fan of the Aztecs tbh. If you could do it for both would be great :slight_smile:

I just don’t respond to your ban evasion accounts (except this one time), Pyro, that’s all :slight_smile:

You think I am someone else?

Do you speak French or not?

I do, do you? I am told I cannot speak it here.

Who told you that? People are constantly speaking in Spanish, Russian or Chinese on those forums, why would French be the exception?

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They arent supposed too. Forum rules say to use English.

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Someone mentioned Malta earlier, and the Knights of Rhodes/Malta were indeed of significant import to the history of the Mediterranean.

Crusader orders are always problematic for aoe2 set up they are more of a political organization rather than a civilization.


Funnily enough though, we use one to represent the Germanies…

Teutons are the HRE till recently it wasn’t an issue.


Teutons are the German HRE. Its not the Teutonic Order

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I am well aware. Most of the original civs from AOK were very transparent on what they were supposed to represent. But the Teutons are also the Order, seeing as the TK is their UU, and the Teutonic Order drew from primarily Germany to fill their ranks. It kind of serves as a weird half-and-half now, with all the specific civs added recently giving further context to them.

I was just saying that it’s ironic that they didn’t end up with the same problem thanks to how they were originally introduced as compared to all the other famous orders.

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The old umbrella civi system was much better than the specific kingdoms we are getting now.If you look at the old campaigns teutons always were a stand in for all the crusader orders templars hospitallars etc.


And then there are the people like me - and I dont think I am a big minority here - I don’t care as long as the new civ is fun to play with a cool UU and interesting techs. With a lot of fun stuff to test on different maps in multiplayer.


Yeah, I know that they (and the Franks) were the stand ins for the crusader orders. Teutons=Teutonic Order, Hospitallers, Franks=Templars, etc. But now, with the umbrellas being broken, what the Teutons actually represent is kind of blurring, but it still works thanks to their history of being the “Germans”. The other orders don’t have that type of rep or history in the game, so it’s much harder to justify an actual civ for them to come into existence. The only possible way you could do something like that for the others is a hypothetical Kingdom of Jerusalem/general Crusader civ for all the crusader states, and that would be extremely hard to attempt. Not to mention seriously skewed in priority in regard to civ relevancy and interest.

I do agree with you that the Umbrella civ choice was easier to implement in the beginning when the game was just starting out. But I feel like that framework was what directly led to what is happening now, with the players and the devs (who were once players) pushing the boundaries and fantasizing about what else could be added, what other groups were relevant. They began adding umbrella civs left and right until, well, they ran out of room. With demand for new civs still coming in, people being dissatisfied with the civ representations, and the popularity of the game making it a lucrative option to continue doing so, it became clear at that point which direction Microsoft and FE thought was worth pursuing, and that was umbrella breaking. Which, in my own opinion, I don’t think is wrong on its own. Overdoing it, though, would be.

Ultimately, this is my line of thinking is here. I don’t care which civ it is, as long as they make it interesting and fun. As long as I am entertained well enough to justify the price on the civ(s), I don’t mind.


I’m confused by this. Which change to the Teutons blurred what they represent? Extra melee armour? Free Herbal Medicine? Slightly cheaper farms? The fact that they appear as the Teutonic Order in DotD campaigns? They still represent the same things they always did.