Armoured Elephant stats speculation

What do you think this unit’s stats will be like? I don’t think it would be a total clone of a ram’s stats.

I’ll take a wild guess. It has high HP, it preforms better in melle combat (less damage taken and does a little more damage to them) when compared to a ram, but suffers more bonus damage from the spearman line. Still very strong vs archers.

But I wonder, will it lose to a generic champion in a 1v1 fight to the death? But since, it has low damage, will the fight just drag on for ages until the elephant eventually wins?


I’m interested to see the stats as well. Having even base 6 PA +4 from BS upgrades makes it pretty tanky from arrows if it has like 300hp. Affected by BS and stable upgrades.

Could do 6 dmg ( +50 v building, +15 v siege)
Speed 0.75
Armour 1/6

Siege/cavalry (-5)/elephant class(-5)

So takes higher bonus damage from anti cav and anti ele weapons.

Does less damage per second to buildings than rams , but is more tanky in general (except arrows) and faster, with a smaller hit box.

Not accounting for armour, rams do 381 in 15s v buildings, this will do 280.

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TBF idk what I should think about the new eles. Seem like they have basically the same purpose as rams, but maybe only enough pierce armor to take minimal damage from standard CA? So uits with more PA could damage them more, especially Castles?
The only real “tradeoff” I could imagine is to give them a bit of Siege armor, so units like mangudai wouldn’t be as effective. But that would be a very situational bonus.
The biggest downside of rams is still there and that’s their weakness to onagers.

OK the ele rams could just have a bit more HP and less gold ratio that way they would be more useful as a meatshield even outside siege battles. But I don’t think this would make them so much better.

I imagine they would be costly. So, they be like lesser battle elephant in melle, but much more tanky, low damage. Costing food instead of wood for rams. Since they will cost a lot of food, I imagine they will be pretty okay in melle, but much better vs buildings.

We have a unit that’s like a ram, but can actually fight back as well.

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Btw do you think they receive anti-ele bonus damage aswell?
Then they could be completely useless actually.

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Mixed in with some other units I say they would be fine. A ram that can fight back vs other units pretty good. It may take many more hits from a knight before dying. Frank Throwing axemen may do far less damage.

It might even take less bonus damage from the spearman line than battle elephants.

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Nah a ram is a ram, useless in melee. Wouldn’t change much if they can fight bat a bit, would still suck there.
The only thing that really matters is how they perform agains various ranged defense units (except for the mentioned attack bonus vs eles).
I would like to see a more “balanced” ram unit that doesn’t has ranged counters like the mangudai or onagers, but instead is even a bit more fragile to melee and/or takes more damage from castles.
Rams better in melee is kinda useless as you won’t use them if you don’t have map control anyways.

Well, we may a have a unit that can actually hurt longbowmen, instead of just tanking them. That has to count for something.

At least 15 pierce armor. Maybe 50 or something.

Those civs don’t get Rams at all.

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I imagine these units would be a Briton’s player’s worst nightmare. Ram that hurt their longbows, not just tank them. They could perhaps even take less bonus damage from the spearman-line.

With how good the food economy of some of these new civs are with sheep being in mills/trade carts giving a small amount of food, these units could be quite deadly.

Two obvious differences:

  1. Rams can garrison infantry and vills to gain speed and provide protection. Arm. Eles can’t, so their speed should be higher than rams without garrison. This also means that e.g. the very good infantry of Dravidians can’t be garrisoned on the way to an enemy castle.
  2. Rams can be repaired, that’s why vills accompany them. Arm. Eles - I guess - will be healable instead of repairable. That means less or no vills to take care for, instead monks will be a good synergy.

Not really if they take bonus damage from spears.
Rams are weak in melee, but can tank a lot of hits by spears, if those things are considered cavalry and elephant instead they’d die in far fewer hits. Unless they have like 1000HP or something like that.


i think is worse than ram but quicker and monks need redemption to convert it

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Since monks need redemption to convert them, maybe villagers can repair them as well? Also, I can’t imagine an Elephant unit not being threatening to melee units. I’m expected a high bonus damage vs buildings, a Siege and Elephant armor class, affected by Husbandry.

If Halberdiers killed them as quickly though, they would be virtually useless, so idk…

6+4 attack Halb could kill Capped Ram in 16 attacks, Siege Rams in 21.
If this Elephant is counted as cavalry and elephant, to resist to the same number of attacks it would need roughly 1200 HP for the base version and 1500 for the imperial upgrade.
Hmmm…then Hussars, cav and other units would take a year to kill them. I’m really looking forward to see the stats they gave to these elephant rams.

Maybe the armour is supposed to protect against bonus damage more than arrows, like it does for cataphracts?

Okay, but what if they take 25% less bonus damage from Hallbs (spearman-line) then?

But the Bengalis 25% means it’s 50% less.

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Maybe it’ll have positive elephant armour type. just enough to tone down spear and camel damage but not completely negate them. Keep it’s melee armour low so normal melee units can still kill it, otherwise itll be practically immune to both ranged and melee with high hp.

idk cataphract elephants? would be busted and not very original

I am curious about the unit stat and bonus damage vs them.
If they are badly countered by halbs like Battle elephant, they will be completely useless. Or if they can be converted without redemption, it also make them unusable.

I think they should have some melee armor rin exchange of getting cavalry armor (bonus damage from halb/camel)