Arrow-Physics makes the game look cheap

Coming straight to the point.
The game itself feels smoother and better after every patch, great job Relic!
I find myself still in so many situations where arrows are downing my game fun:

  • Arrow fly physics is just out of control when it get´s shot to an enemy, as an example when it is shooting from a high ground. I mean a medival arrow is not a heat-seeking missile!
    Possible solution: add a chance to miss/dodge the arrow. that would fix this unnatural flying-angles and make it feel also more realistic
  • the sound of shot arrows from a bow could be more impactful (i like the keep arrow sound, so maybe that)
  • make the arrow fly angle smoother
  • make the arrow smaller so it feels more like an arrow

These are my thoughts, they are for sure not perfect but i want to start a thought process how to support Relic in that area to make AOE4 better.

What are your thoughts community?


I think the heat-seeking arrow looks bad, but I think it improves the game play. In AOE 2, you are encouraged to jiggle your army to dodge enemy arrows which gets absurd at times. Very unrealistic battle strategy. But you have to learn and use it cause it’s the most important tactic. I think they can improve the visuals though. I think the devs should play around with different arrow size, trajectory, and speeds. Faster arrows, and you would not notice the homing effect as much.


Yes i agree that most importantly the look/feeling has to change, how it is achieved is a talk for the future.
I would be ok keeping the 100% accuracy if they find a way to make it look believable because it has it´s good sides as you mentioned.


I agree too. Arrow dodging mechanics are absurd in RTS. They need to keep the 100% accuracy but make it look better than it is now. In any case this is a low priority issue to me personally. Other people may have this as a higher priority.


Why is absurd? Because of eSports? Why is absurd if age of empires 2 has ballistics mechanics since 1998? Or is it because you come from SC and in SC all units don’t miss ? And you want all rts to be like SC because you only point of comparison is SC?

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For me the main thing is that if I order archers to shoot at a group of enemy soldiers, I’d like them to wound/kill ALL of them, not just one with pin-point accuracy. It’s so confusing to see people condone gimicky mechanics like 100% accuracy - if you don’t like the fact that missiles miss their targets then maybe the Middle Ages isn’t for you! it would do a host of good things - chiefly slowing down sieges, (cannonballs missing their targets and hitting others, etc) and arrow damage can always be increased to account for inaccuracy.

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arrow physics being a issue? wait until you see Hill-physics.

Bombards, Springalds, cannoneers can’t shoot uphill. (king of the hill notorious for this)
Due to Line of Sight issues on targets on top of hills, if the slopes are to steep.


I have never played SC. I also found arrow dodging an absurd mechanic in AoE 2.

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Says the person who wants AoE4 to be an AoE2 clone :sweat_smile: jiggle a unit around a bit and they take 0 dmg makes just as much sense as 100% hitrate. Unless of course AoE2 takes place in the matrix and all units are Neo…

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I would like to hit 100% but some arrow misses the target and fits into the ground, only visually, in fact the arrows continue to hit all the time.

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oh man i was not aware of these things too. so yeah this is the reason i wanna push this topic because i have the feeling it is an important point what toches a lot of other aspects in the game too.

Thanks for mentioning @Kameho3743.

i can see by reading your posts guys that there is a principle discussion about 100% acc. or not. That´s okay and everybodies taste but i think what we all can agree is that they have to improve Physics behaviour and visual/sound of arrows on the whole right? And not just arrows but also other things as mentioned (canons, springalds etc.)

Did you even play aoe4?
Do you really thin that with these clunky units(which slowly turning) you would be able to repeat “dodges” from aoe2?

ppl, who probly never played aoe2 - love to repeat the mantra “in aoe2… in aoe2… in aoe2”… engine is different… there are 100 000 ways to fix homing missile without absurd dodge mechanic

Devs managed to fix cancel animation.

you probably never played aoe2.

Wake up, 2 different engines, in aoe2 units can stack, in aoe4 units pushing each other.
How the hell dodging will be a thing.

Anyway, they will never fix it. so you can relax… you will be able to see homing missiles for another 10years

you probably never played aoe2.

But I did.

Wake up, 2 different engines, in aoe2 units can stack, in aoe4 units pushing each other.
How the hell dodging will be a thing.

That’s good, I don’t want dodging. I’ll take homing missiles anyday over that. If the AOE4 engine inherently prevents arrow dodging, then that’s awesome news.

If you want more microintensity, special abilities could be added to all units in the game.

i only agree with these two im definetly against them to miss target we are playing strategy game not lottery
also there is a this video you guys may like it:

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This is a silly thing to accuse people of, just because they have a different preference to you about gameplay mechanics.

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Thanks for the video @KnowingLamb8370. I do know this video and i would be happy if they would implement these things as default in the game!

i hope they dont implement the missing arrows thing im not looking to this good

What really bothers me are the arrows from the defensive structures that really look like the arrows change direction, in relation to the troops this is not so perceptive, I don’t expect it to be the same as Age 2, but this problem bothers, it would be interesting in relation to the defensive structures change or improve this mechanic!! It’s just because it’s weird!!!
The game is getting better and better, and it’s already surpassing expectations, only in this relationship the arrows of defensive structures that bother!!

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