Arrow system!

"The Arrow System!

Thinking of a better idea for how arrows work, you can make the excess arrows do splash damage instead of just being wasted shots.

After the arrows are released, the arrows that exceed the necessary amount required to kill a target will drop as a splash, dealing area damage!

If I have 20 archers and I only need 15, when the 20 archers shoot the arrows the 5 surplus will fall like a splash dealing area damage!"

So the arrows will have more dynamics, it’s just a suggestion!!!
What is your idea??

It could also be applied to ballistae!!!

The splash arrows will hit the location around the dead unit, thus dealing damage to the units that are close to that dead unit!!!

You don’t have to take all the micro from the game. You will have to manually avoid excessive overkill.

When arrows are launched to hit a unit, these splash arrows will fall around the dead unit, to avoid this just switch to interleaved formation!!!

That would make you have to use micromanagement to change formations and deal with splash arrows!!!

The splash of arrows doesn’t have to be huge!!!

I hate this idea. What’s the point of it? Just to remove some micro from the game?


Not. In fact, more micro is needed!!

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Discussões no fórum steam!!

At first I had no idea what you were saying ,but that example helped. I think it’s a decent idea, because the way arrows work now, with people taking multiple hits, and even worse when the whole unit overkills on 1 guy. I’d go for this idea. Maybe just clarify it a bit.

If I have 20 archers and I only need 15, when the 20 archers shoot the arrows, the arrows hit the unit, the surplus 5 were wasted!!!
What I’m trying to say is that it would be interesting to take these 5 surplus arrows, to put them as area damage per arrow splash!!!
This would give more dynamics and deepen the Micro issue, as it would force you to consider these excess arrows!!!

It’s not taking away micro, it’s actually adding micro!!

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It would make ranged units too strong.
It’s very easy to deal excess damage, it would make raiding villagers way too easy.

In fact, it’s not excess arrows, it’s just the arrows that today in the game are wasted!!!
The splash arrows would not hit the neighboring units in a homing way, but these splash arrows would only hit the units if they were close to the unit killed by the arrows!!!

It all depends on the balance of the game!! in this case the range of the arrows splash will depend on the balance of the game!!! the range may be shorter!!!

For example:
In that case I would use an interleaved formation to avoid damage!!

I don’t see a reason to throw the balance out of the window to enable splash damage to arrows on overkill.
It’s a neat twist, for sure, but I don’t think this would ever be feasible.

I believe that this change would bring more dynamics in relation to arrows!!!

Why are you spamming me with half a dozen messages at once that are mostly repeats?

I know exactly what you were saying. You don’t need to just repeat it. I think it’s a bad idea that doesn’t add anything interesting. And no it doesn’t add micro.

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