Arsenal upgrade for long-term use

Gunpowder Magazine

Gunpowder Magazine


  • Petards get +10% attack and can be trained from Arsenals
  • Forts can train Falconets (or equivalent)

Other changes:

  • Revert the ability of Forts to train artillery by default
  • Grant the upgrade to China through consulate shipments (either the Russian Fort or British Petards)

I don’t remember the last time I trained a petard. I find them superfluous.

The ‘Artillery Quadrant’ upgrade should increase the range of the artillery, but the artillery would start with -2 range as a base range.

This would make the artillery not so powerful from the beginning.

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they are tactical units for very specific purposes. i have trained them vs hausa to nuke universities. the surprise factor is key, as is distraction

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Usually against important buildings. (factories, wonders, urban centers, etc).

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It would be nice to try to increase their usage by such upgrade. I do not use them too

Why you will build an arsenal instead of an artillery foundry??

Arsenals are already pretty poorly designed as it is, no need for extra spaghetti.

Also, petards are fine as they are.

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Forts already train falconets.

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How about you read the post again.

Forts training Falconets is a very recent change and I suggested it be reverted as a default.

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I think forts are generally underused and allowing them to train falconets is a little buff to them that gives them a little more utility.


I think there are better ways to buff Forts. And this would still allow that buff after an upgrade.

I really fail to see the reason behind this upgrade and tangling forts to arsenals.

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They already tangled Artillery Foundries and Forts, and I think that should be walked back a bit.

Thematically, increasing defensive building attack or a self-destruct option for Forts would make more sense for an upgrade called Gunpowder Magazine.

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You wouldn’t, you would build an Arsenal for the upgrades it provides. This just makes it so it’s not completely useless once all the upgrades are researched.

There are also a few factions such as Japanese or Ethiopians that can build Arsenals but not Artillery Foundries so this would be a way to give them access to Petards.

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all the other arsenal upgrades provide a more solid and simple buff to a single unit type’s stats or modifiers. This one would feel a bit out of place with opening up your tech tree to train units from buildings you previously couldn’t. I feel like this would be better if the effect was stronger and it was a HC card instead. It could be a card for all euro civs that in addition to the falconet thing would buff petards to make them a more viable option. Kind of like what grenade launchers does for the grenadier.

I think that a buff is the last thing that those civs need…

Maybe the armory should have passive configurations similar to ‘golden pavilion’ where it makes certain types of units build faster.

For example:

Bonus 1: Gunpowder will be prioritized for infantry, so infantry with guns are created 5% faster.

Bonus 2: Gunpowder will be prioritized for gunpowder cavalry, so dragons and the like are created 5 % faster.

Bonus 3: Gunpowder will be prioritized for artillery, so ships and cannons will spawn faster, and defensive buildings will have 10% more attack.


How are forts and arsenals tangled in any way right now?

I also don’t think Japan needs petards lol.

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They dont need faster training units, europeans are fine they way they are