Artefacts and Ruins resources

It would be nice if we could Artefacts and Ruins trickle resources like we can do with Monuments in AoE2 via triggers (changing the corresponding resources)
Artefacts are counted as Relics and Ruins are counted as Monuments but the triggers to let those generate resources don’t work.

Same with the Trade Workshop but that’s an issue in normal AoE2 too.
The Battle Royal Trade Workshop is not in the Editor and the normal Trade Workshop can’t trickle resources.

It would also be nice if we could use the unused Feitora triggers for that.

Having 4 different objects: Artefacts, Ruins, Monuments and Trade Workshops that can trickle resources would be nice, this way it would be possible to create a scenario (or even random map) where each of them trickle a different resource.
A lot more elegant solution than having triggers that regularly send you tributes or modify the base resource trickle rate.

Can be done with triggers. If you control any of those 4 types of objects use a looping trigger that gets the Gaia player to tribute you 1 of any resource.

If only I didn’t need to have 20 characters, because I think those quotes are sufficient.