As the coordinator and manager of the Age of Empires series, does World's Edge discriminate too much against Empire 3 players?

I noticed that the topic of the discussion has gone off the mark, as I wrote in the title that we shouldn’t attack developers. What really needs to be reviewed is the decisions made on the the World’s Edge, because they have consistently shown an attitude of neglect towards Age of Empires III players and developers. In my opinion, the developers have been working very hard to provide more and better content for this game, which makes me very touched and even grateful.

The reason I’m concerned about this is because I want to see the game continue to be active, There will be a constant influx of new people, and players will be able to get new content from developers in the process. But if the the Worlds Edge completely ignores this as usual, or even tries to hide the game Age of Empires III, it will undoubtedly be a huge obstacle for new players to join, and I fear that the game will be completely disappointed, If that happens, then the culprit can largely be put on the World’s Edge.

In addition to the discussion about the Red Bull Cup, I think that if there are four games in a series, the other three are allowed to participate in the competition, and only one is excluded, then at least it gives a bad impression, and obviously the organizers of the event have not given any explanation.

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In order to escort a small update of Age of Empires 4, the update of Age of Empires 3 was forced to be postponed, even though the game’s upgrade content had already been prepared by the developers. The July upgrade was dragged abruptly until August.
Is this directly humiliating the game Age of Empires 3?
Is it to discriminate against Age of Empires 3 players?
Is this bullying the developers of Age of Empires 3?
Do you remember the previous anniversary event? Age of Empires 3 has just undergone an unprecedented major update, and there was not a word mentioned in the entire live broadcast event, let alone a picture to show. The efforts of developers have never been allowed to be displayed on a large scale in official promotional events.
There is also the “Red Bull Cup” competition. When all other works in the series appeared, only AOE3 was ruthlessly abandoned. Isn’t this also an obvious performance?
I admit that I made this post full of emotion and dissatisfaction, even if I was banned for this, I think it was worth it. Now age of empires 3 and her players, her developers are not getting it fair!

Some time ago, I checked all the Age of Empires Twitter tweets since 2023. Before this delayed update incident, all content related to Age of Empires 3 was all updated information without exception.
There isn’t any separate presentation of the game’s graphics and mechanics, not even some memes.
And 2 and 4 related content has been quite a lot. The MC cheat unit in Age of Empires 2 can send several tweets, and the same is true for the water monster in Age of Empires 4.

Until recently, they finally pissed off Age of Empires 3 players.
There are obviously many new cards and special unit skins in the new update patch, but the way this group of people responded was to put a few irrelevant and inexplicable old photos, which aroused suspicion and speculation among the players.
Even if you are perfunctory, can you pretend to be a little bit more, put a few new unit pictures, and let players know that you really still regard Age of Empires 3 as a game that you manage?
Faced with a huge wave of discussions and endless speculation, the developers who felt the pressure had to come out to explain.
Can the World’s Edge please stop playing this purely perfunctory game?


No respect for AOE 3 DE since we dont have a “large” esports community.


Maybe not just the AOE4 update, but they want to avoid overlaps with updates for “other games in the series” (which happened quite often before, ironically).
Then there is another theory of something wrong on steam when they tried to update.

I buy neither. They could just say “we had some technical problems with the game itself so it might take a while”. I’m happy to be lied to, as long as that is a quality lie.


But to be fair, they are not intentionally neglecting AOE3. They promote it quite often whenever they had the chance.

For example:
“In Age of Empires 4, you won’t see a knight who hits a building with his sword,” Adam Isgreen tells me. “Some people from our community really wanted that, they were angry that it didn’t work the same way as in Age of Empires 2.” Most likely soldiers without projectile weapons throw torches to cause damage to buildings.

“We had Age of Empires Online players who would have liked to have had the card system from that game in AoE 4,” Isgreen says in disbelief.

And “cannon galleon”.


Indeed it is, good irony. They seem to be afraid that players will see Age of Empires 3.

Some time ago, I checked all the Age of Empires Twitter tweets since 2023. Before this delayed update incident, all content related to Age of Empires 3 was all updated information without exception.
There isn’t any separate presentation of the game’s graphics and mechanics, not even some memes.
And 2 and 4 related content has been quite a lot. The MC cheat unit in Age of Empires 2 can send several tweets, and the same is true for the water monster in Age of Empires 4.


the aoe3de not participating in the red bull cup was the most absurd thing I’ve ever seen, and in the event’s publicity art there was a player playing aoe 3… How can a staff allow autoboycott like that, that’s enough to be disgusting


The new tweeters on Twitter and Facebook don’t respect the emotions of aoe3 players at all, and keep posting old pictures to fool the players. Now it finally pissed off the player.


Just like last year’s abysmal 25th anniversary party. I wasted more than 40 minutes sitting in front of the computer listening to a few people singing, so why don’t you change the name to a concert. We players are looking forward to new content in the game. In WE, a group of people who don’t understand games at all dominate the IP of Age of Empires. This is the tragedy of all players of Age of Empires. I want them to actually go into the player community and want to know what the players want. So as to achieve a win-win situation. Instead of something that WE think is cool, players will definitely like to plan the game progress this way


Do Age of Empires players think the Loch Ness Monster and Elephant Water Spray activities are cool and fun? This is obviously WE’s clumsy idea.


Which are far more important than some random patch of course…look how much effort they put promoting them.


On the one hand its great they give love to aoe3. most the content is cool and well resicved, even though balance remains iffy. but last year to me laid bare the plain truth that we are bottom priority. the devs assigned to aoe3 clearly care and continue to push for things, but despite the dlc of kotm and explorer packs selling well we dont get much post release love from microsoft. they just now throwing us a bone after months of silence. the game after kotm had actually eclipsed aoe4 in player count often but instead they deprioritize us and now we have to wait for a beach update of aoe4?!?. its obvious some suit dgaf about aoe3 and all the good will they reclaimed in the last year, hard won after the rough release, where aoe3 was gaining players and exposure, is sort of dead this summer. sad for devs trying to work, sad for players hoping to get more exposure, but hopefully this message can get across to some suit up top who probably thinks hes smarter than everyone else that his constant deprioritizing of a game is costing him long term money.

cause we are not going to go play other aoe2 titles, most players in aoe3 play aoe3 that’s all. its too unique to easily cross games and different times and mechanics. all this is doing is souring goodwill and making people not want to invest time or money into aoe3 going forward. i am looking forward to patch far less than before since it means the balance issue remaining will be even longer to be tweaked, and that there is no foreseeable event or dlc or launch to be hyped for. ill play it for what it is, bu far less passionately atm


And we are being punished for this


In addition, in the first half of this year, Age of Empires 2 returned to Rome with the dlc with the most negative reviews in history. This is also WE’s whim, trying to save Age of Empires 1 and forcing it into Age of Empires 2.


And it took 6 months to make such a mess…boy.


Maybe some of the developers wanted AoE4 to replace all previous games in the AoE series.

However, 4 has failed to replace 2DE. And while 1DE naturally went out of fashion, 3DE survived strongly despite having a small community. I think this is what made them angry.

It is clear that 4 can no longer beat 2DE. 2DE is currently the biggest title in the series. They can’t afford to treat such a title coldly. But 3DE survived half-heartedly. And in some ways it’s more advanced than the latest in the series. For those who want to support 4, 3DE will be a hindrance.
It seems they want to absorb the 3DE user base into their masterpiece, or make 3DE obsolete. Even though 4 is a game set in the Middle Ages, it’s strangely rich in gunpowder elements, and that’s probably why the new DLC introduced the Ottomans instead of the Seljuks.

If the new “Retold” emerges as a superior quality game, they may repeat what they did for 3DE. Because Retold is just another remastered version of the previous work in the same series.


Hand cannon is the most advanced ultimate weapon in the late game…then you have an early trash unit with arquebus.

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BTW I think we shouldn’t direct the discontent towards the actual developers, or AOE4 (though when you criticize the treatment of AOE4, someone will accuse you of hating the game XD).

It seems whoever in charge has been making ##### decisions since last year. Including the long delay and poor release of RoR, total negligence of AOE3, complete radio silence and a slowing-down of everything (despite the devs working hard on all games).


This happens with incompetent content managers that only follow aoe2 and aoe4.

They could publish some more tweets/post for both aoe1, even if it isn’t updated, and they tried to incorporate in aoe2, and aoe3.

Nope, nothing, which proves certainly a bias. Human bias. Unfortunately we can’t directly write to Microsoft about this. I am sure they are being fed lies by Worlds Edge and/or the social media management handlers.

Even in the last 2 screens they shared, there was no mention that it was from Age of Empires 3. Everything was vaguely written.

Its as you wrote: it looks like they are afraid of showing/specifing Age of empires 3. What are they afraid of? That it could outshine Age of Empires 4? It could outshine Age of Empires 2? That they won’t get enough engagement? Even when Aoe3 is the most beautiful of the set? Usually, aoe3 news gets more activity than aoe4 for twitter, when something is published for that game.


To be fair, it was mentioned in the image caption (though many may not know that function even exists XD).

Alt is an accessibiity feature. Its purpose is to help people with impaired vision. If i see the image and the tweet, there is no reason for me to check ‘alt’.