Asian boats don't generate export. shouldn''t they?

Asian boats don’t generate export. shouldn’'t they ?

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This is a good Observation. I think they should generate export too , at least more slower… :thinking:

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They literally have the “Vilalger” tag in them :confused: So yea maybe a slower of faster but they definitely should generate it.

Them generating export, or not, is a balance question. It shouldn’t be decided because of some tag. You have fishing boats tagged primarily as ships, then villagers. Since they are not military units but economic ones gathering resources, they ended up with that tag for example to be included in the number of units collecting a resource at that moment- never paid attention to that, but is there a resource collecting units that is not counted?

If there is a widespread acknowledgment that these civs need more export generation- then yeah sure that’s a potential candidate.

Well the normal villager cards not exactly work on them, like Medicine, etc. even though the villager tag is present.

Its a bug or maybe an abstract tag, dont exactly know that.

As for this thing, this might be one of the few topics where the most of the forum might agree upon.

“Asian Villagers’ auto Export gather rate is 0.03/s while gathering resource”

Export being the most unsed and scarce resource of the game that it never became so much feasible that, it can matter much :confused: (except the few critical shipments it provide to Japan and mostly China), but otherwise its very rare to use the consulate more than 1-2 time in a short game and more than 3-4 times in a long game.

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