Asian Religious Alliance Design: Theravada Buddhism

Unit: Move the Bakhti War Elephants to the Theravada Buddhist Temple

Technology: First: Mandala System: Cost 150 Food, Wood, and Gold, Gather Yield for Hunted Animals by 20%, Gather Yield for Berry Bush by 20%, Gather Yield for Tree by 20%, Gather Yield for Mine by 20%

Second: White Elephant: Geely’s White Elephant increases your experience points, costs 350 food, and adds 1.25 to XP Trickle Rate

Third: Monastic Education: Cost 150 Food and Gold, Healing Unit: Heal Work Rate for Healable Unit+100%, Heal Maximum Range+100%, Hitpoints+50%, Build time -25%, Speed+15%

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Here’s a little more in-depth version of this idea:

Your thinking is also very interesting. What’s more, what do you think of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism? Historically, the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism formed allies with Mongolian tribes and the Qing Dynasty, becoming an important ally of the Khan and the Chinese emperor in ruling Mongolia and Tibet. At the same time, Tibetan Buddhism is also one of the three branches of Buddhism (it seems that the name of that sect will be blocked, so I use Tibetan Buddhism instead)

In addition, on forums in the Chinese region, I have seen many people hoping to see Taoism. However, in my personal opinion, the influence of Taoism during this period was too little related to politics and military affairs. Personally, I tend to oppose this organization. What is your opinion on it

Theravada Monastery is such an absurdly broad category for a native site, it makes the Sufi Mosque reasonable by comparison.

I agree with M00Z1LLA that a Forest Monastery is much, waay more reasonable than just an absurd umbrella of a native site that casually just encompasses all of the second largest Buddhist denomination in the world.

I’d rather rework holy sites into non-Religious minor civs, personally. Religions are way too broad and the ones already in the game clearly only cover one ethnic group anyway (Tengris are Tatars, Zen are are Japanese, Jesuits are Spanish, etc.).

And to top it off, the Sohei Naginata is the only holy site unit that you can really consider a religious unit.

Jesuits are very much not “spanish” lmao. Sure, Conquistadores are spanish (and you could make an argument for portuguese), but saying Jesuits overall are only spanish is a really bad take. Not to mention you can’t label Sufi as any one ethnicity either.

Sorry for not clarifying, but I’m talking specifically about their representation in-game. The in-game Jesuits have nothing Portuguese about them.

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