August PUP - Update 66692 Aug 29

The changes that I found so far:

In-game vote system:

Crossbowman upgrade cost change to 175F 125G (125F 75G)
Arbalester upgrade cost change to 450F 400G (300F 300G)
Armored Elephant affected by Siege Engineers
Elephant Archers cavalry Archer armor reduce to -4 (-7), cost change to 80F 70G (from 90F 70G)
EW mode stars with civ bonus of extra resources and vills

Gurjaras: Mounted units deal +40% bonus damage
Shrivamsha upgrade change to 850F 500G (800F 600G)
Shrivamsha charge shield rate increase to 20s (from 15s)
Mill resources generation changed

Hindustanis: Ghulam HP 55/65 (from 65/75)
Lose access to Halberdier

Sicilians: Land military units (except siege weapons) received 33% less bonus damage

Burgundians: Economic upgrades available one age earlier and cost -40% food
Coustillier charge attack reduce by 5 to 20/25 (from 25/30) and reload time reduce to 33s (from 40s)

Monks have +3/+3 armor
Access to Bombard Cannon


Any changes to Bengalis, Dravidians, old civs?
Have you check the coustilier?

New bonus Monk +3/+3 armor. (Old Slavs Orthodoxy tech for free)

BBC added to tech tree.

No change.

EA food cost reduced from 90 to 80.


Bengalis and Dravidians seem no changes
Coustillier no changes but not sure about the charge attack

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Decent change, hopefully they make Serjeants/Donjons less terrible as well.

…what…not even in the Tech tree? :upside_down_face: If they didn’t even try to fix those civs, no way they touched the Editor bugs. Big Rip :headstone:


Algo que me esta pareciendo curioso y que comente en el foro de aoe 3 DE es que el aoe 3 esta recibiendo más parches y mas cambios al juego que el aoe 2 incluso en este nuevo parche de agosto le agregaron 3 mapas nuevos más (y ahora los mapas del aoe 3 DE a diferencia del vainilla si tienen versión XL) a lo que quiero llegar es que hace mucho que no le agregan cosas así al 2 pese a ser el más conocido (Y los nuevos dlc´s no han agregado mapas nuevos solo civs y campañas)


Check my comment above.
Dravidians is almost there. Bengalis is as bad as before in Arabia. Can be a top 10 Arena civ though.

Laughable nerfs for gurjaras, hindustanis and burgundians, the nerf on sicilians is actually bigger and it isn’t like the civ is broken at any level.


Ah. Definitely the most essential single tech they could have given, but I was hoping for this + at least 1 of the other 3 (Bloodlines, Husbandry, or Siege Engineers). Ugh, like that’s good enough for me to not totally give up on Dravidians, but probably not good enough to make them well below average.

The bonus damage resistance was arguably a bit too strong in some cases, but yeah, it’s kind of hilarious to me they nerfed Sicilians more than Gurjaras.


Exactly. Why not nerf them to 33% as well?


To find most of the balance changes (except tech tree ones) do the following:

  1. Backup the english key-value-strings file of the live version of the game.
  2. Download the PUP
  3. Compare the backuped key-value-strings file with the PUP one with a program called Meld for example

You will the see every change which causes textual changes.

I would have done it myself but I have to go to work now.

Happy datamining :smiley:


I really wish Gurjaras would receive some buffs that make Prithviraj 5 less hard.

That’s the last Indian Campaign missing for me to complete.


Excluding Guilds
All eco tech : 2075 food
Old Burgandians : 1038
New Burgandians: 1245

Surely Burgandians will suffer a lot from this 207 food loss, right?


Surely Gurjaras will suffer a lot from eating TCs in 2 seconds more, right?

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Is the Spanish TC on Nomad still built faster?
Any change for eagles? Nerfing Ghilman HP but not touching eagles food cost is stupid.

I think I need to buy Aoe4 and start playing and watching it. Maybe even Aoe3.
I know I’ll sound stupid but MS is intentionally destroying this game so that players are forced to move to their new game.

World’s Edge is not destroying this game, not even trying to force anyone to like another title. We’ve been through this lack of big updates before for a few months just to get a big one in sequence. there’s no need for this kind of - I’d say nonsense - conspiracy theory


That’s pretty obviously not true. They’ve committed to monthly updates throughout 2023 and have teased new DLC.


Eh, with regards to some aspects of the game, I’ve already been at the point of having to question either their priorities or their competence (or both) for several months now. I’d much prefer to be more positive, but I can’t pull positivity out of my derrière indefinitely when they have yet to deliver on essential fixes for many moons.

Committing to do vague things in the future is nice. Fixing obvious and specific things now is far better. If they finally fix the Editor this month, it’ll be a lot easier for me to be optimistic in spite of what appears to be a very lame attempt at balancing, but we’ll see what happens.

Either way, at least some things are moving (slightly) in the right direction, so I guess I can appreciate that for what its worth.


Elephant Archer (Standard & Elite) cav archer armor increased from -7 to -4. Bengali ones now also take the correct -25% bonus damage from elite skirms (it’s 7.5 damage per hit as opposed to what would be 10 damage per hit without that bonus; Dravidian ones take 11 damage per hit and Gurjara ones take 13 damage per hit). Upon testing, fully upgraded Elite Skirmishers are still a cost effective counter to every type of Elite Elephant Archer, but any elite skirms that lack Ring Archer Armor are not a cost effective counter.

Elephant Archer (Standard & Elite) food cost decreased from 90 to 80

Coustillier charge attack decreased from 25 to 20. Elite Coustillier charge attack decreased from 30 to 25.