August update with no balance changes?

This new one seems that is the first one without civ balance changes T_T

While this shows that while some people still be angry with the Leitis, the new Teutons and even claiming to nerf the Goths, FE is showing us that the Balance is possibly the best thing ever done for DE, but still no love for the Italians, Turks and Tatars??, their winrates still shows that all need love


PD: this is the 3th patch that Leitis and Teutons remain unchanged, that’s so great, long live to them!!!


RIP monthly balance patch, probably for the better images (1)


I just think that they prefer to left this month fine without balance changes, maybe September will be the Turks and Tatars month.


Totally fine with quarterly balance changes. But the delay on fixing crucial bugs like Patrol is still super broken and Villagers blocking each other feels intolerable.


Game disconects every single team game, thanx DE

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  • Has everyone in the Team Lobby updated to build 40220?
  • Are you playing via matchmaking or the custom lobby?
  • Do you receive an error? What is the behavior when you crash?

Any amount of information you can provide will be helpful, as there is unfortunately very little we can do with only the symptoms of a potential problem.


Though I expected at least a few balance changes, i see that the devs highlighted that they are looking into forum discussions and are inviting people to give their opinions and suggestions. Which actually explains why there were no balance changes, as there is a lot of disagreement and different opinions, so it’s actually very hard to decide which changes to make.

Balance is at better state than any other period right now, they should focus on pathfinding, bug fixes and some much needed QoL features for next few months.


I think that it’s totally fine if they push out smaller stabillity and bug fixing focused updates and a big update with new content, new features and balance changes every quarter. This also leaves more time to test everything properly, which I think is very important.


Still hoping for new civs after the balancing and bug fixing has been done to satisfaction.


Yes, it think right now civ balance is the best ever, and there are other issues that deserves more to be address.

Spectator chat, pathfinding, villagers not working properly, map generation, etc.


Honestly quarterly balance changes are for the best.
This gives them more time to analyze what is holding civs down (or up), and make appropriate adjustments


Still waiting for Capture Age.

Yeah would be amazing if they could fix these!

It is kinda weird that Leitis and Teutons have been left alone for so long. Turks and Tatars are understandably unchanged, they’re a tough one. Their bonuses enable them to perform really powerful timing attacks, which are useless if these timing attacks are not executed or are unable to be executed. There are a ton of civs that are very meh as well, and it is a little surprising that there are absolutely no balance changes this patch.

What I get from this smol patch and the previous delayed patch is that the Dev-team is overloaded and monthly balance patches are not sustainable. Maybe this gives them more time to focus on the performance issues with the game.

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i think this is more the case than anything else…

leitis arent as bad as people are making out because their civ has MINIMAL eco bonus and the unit is bottlenecked by castles (pick rate and win rate still say franks are WAAAAY better)

arguably teutons could do with some work, but again, not terribly off with their pick or win rate.

whereas turks specifically still dont have a good pick or win rate outside of arena, but arguably devs are too busy too sort this all out

Ports are still the bottom civ for 4 years now and were made unviable shortly after release of African kingdoms.

At this point I just assume that its a concoius decision that the civ with the potentially broken feitoria has to be the worst civ generally since these weak and uniovative attempts didn’t fix anything.

Compared that teutons +2 armor to infantry and cavalry or khemer farms. Those were serious reworks of the civs.

After a almost a year of monthly balance changes, I feel quite hopeless that a meaningful bufd/rework will ever happen now with quarterly changes.

Not even aquebus got fixed which was proven to be not working as intended and reported as a bug on the forum.

aoestats displays the sad state and it used to be the same in wollo kingdoms/HD old aoestats.


Because Lithuanians arent broken. Why would they need changes? Because at low skill levels people lose to them? Why should we make balance changes around people who can’t even play well?

Man stop it, leitis is broken, compared to boyard, boyard loses to it, boyard cost 80 gold zzzz, leitis needs to cost more gold, leitis inflicts more damage than paladins, it has higher DPS than most cavalry, for that price is just too OP.

They have fast halbs and skirms that is annoying, start with extra food, extra attack with relics, skirms with +2 pierce armor, they are really powerful, as you can see lithuanians have been picked in every single tournament, it is only you saying they don’t have anything good but leitis.

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First is Boyar no “boyard”

Second, the cost change was a must, before that was totally unnaffordable, and I can list you UUs more powerful than Leitis.

LMAO is that bad?, consider that Lithuanians are finally a mainstream civ and not a low tier civ