Yes, I think an Oceanic dlc would include Maori and Hawaiians…so nothing from Australia…

honestly if I knew even the first thing about modding I would totally give it a go! I’m sure it would be a lot of fun

I finished my town centre concepts! It took me ages to come up with a design for the middle ages. In the end I’m really happy with the design :grinning:


they look amazing!
(20 charakters)

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They are really cute… also you need three versions of town center: exploration TC, commerce TC and industrial TC…

I did do all three ages!

Another thing, I had some more ideas and I wanted to edit the original topic but I can’t so I’ll just chuck those here instead.

In-game Australia is roughly like this:

  1. Discovery age ~1790 - 1800
  2. Commerce age ~1800 - 1810
  3. Fortress age ~1810-1830
  4. Industrial age ~1830-1860
  5. Imperial age ~1860+

Australia starts with a Town Center, their explorer, and 10 convicts. They can’t train settlers at all and instead have to rely on convicts from the home city.

Home City only

  • Convict → free settlers that come in huge batches (20+) but move slowly (they have a ball and chain), have low HP, work slowly without military units or buildings (including town centres) nearby, and which turn into bushranger units on the side of whoever kills them. Each convict can be emancipated for 100 gold, which turns them into a regular settler.


  • Trooper → Standard muskteer unit with lower stats than normal but higher HP and costing 2 pop. Very tanky.
  • Tracker → Standard light infantry unit with lower stats but higher view range than normal. Royal guard upgrade: Native Policeman
  • Marine → Musketeer unit with decent stats and bonus damage against ships and artillery (like Somali Darood). Replaces the culverin for the civ.


  • Light Horse → exceptionally fast melee cavalry with low HP and a high attack.
  • Mounted Rifle → dragoon unit also good against heavy infantry, like the Lakota Rifle Rider

Unique buildings:

  • Prospecting shaft → built by miners(?) or from cards. Must be built away from exisiting shafts and mines. Works for a while, then is replaced with a mine of the type chosen: gold mines and coal mines take longer to prospect than copper e.g.
  • Station → huge livestock pen that trains and fattens livestock and then harvests them automatically. Can be toggled to produce cattle (for food) or sheep (for gold). Upgrades: Merino Wool: sheep produce more gold when harvested. Angus Beef: cows produce more food when harvested.

Some more card and improvement ideas:

  • Hard Labour → convicts get even less HP and move even slower but gather much faster
  • Philip’s Land Grants → Commerce Age: each convict now spawns a sheep when emancipated
  • Rum Rebellion → Commerce Age: All current Troopers are replaced with convicts and deposit 100 gold into your resources
  • Castle Hill rebellion → Fortress Age: all convicts turn into bushrangers
  • Coastal Forts → Fortress Age: ships some marines and a few outpost wagons. Increases building and marine’s attack bonus vs ships
  • The Crossing of the Blue Mountains → Fortress Age: ships settlers and a farm wagon
  • 1st Royal New South Wales Lancers → Industrial Age: ships some Light Horse units and improves their HP
  • Imperial Bushmen → Industrial Age: ships some Troopers and improves their HP
  • Federation → Imperial Age: improves all buildings HP and increases villager farm/estate gather rates
  • End Transportation → Imperial Age: a flat gold price to emancipate all remaining convicts and disable any convict shipments

Compared with Australia, I would prefer them to consider Austria…


Australia would complement a second Asia DLC with Korean and Indonesian civs. I teresting idea.
Problem is they don’t have enough federal states to match the age up system of the other 2 post-colonials.

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@Blademaster1215 I suggested a system something like the Native American civ leaders on age up with the Australian states (colonies) that did exist. Otherwise it would be possible to stretch things a bit and come up with at lesat 2 states per age.

E.g. based on dates of colonisation (not official state establishment) and with some states that were proposed but never actually formed - after all, AOE3 is sort of a “what if” history

Commerce age up

  • New South Wales (Original and most successful colony and state. I think it should grant building wagons on age up, and maybe some small buff to villager gather rates.)
  • Van Dieman’s Land (Brutal penal colony. I think it would ship lots of convicts and maybe some timber, great for an all-in rush)
  • Norfolk Island (water opening. Ships boats and a dock maybe)

Fortress age up

  • Victoria (Extremely rich colony, site of the gold rush. Must send gold and miners!)
  • Queensland (Could go the route of being another water focused age up or otherwise focus on farming. Maybe ships food or farm wagons)
  • North Australia (Alternative history Queensland - could be either of the above for Queensland as well)

Industrial age up

  • South Australia (The first free settler colony in Australia. Maybe they give you early access to settlers instead of convicts? Early Australian armies mostly came from here too, so maybe they send troops)
  • Western Australia (Probably best as a Station focused age up)
  • Cocos Islands (Bizzare history here! Lots of fun things you could do with this, the most boring would be another naval focused age up)

Imperial age up

  • Federal Capital Territory (I think this would give access to “normal” endgame units and tech)
  • New Zealand (Technically a state of Australia according to the Australian Constitution! Taking NZ might be like doing a revolution instead of aging up, giving you entirely new units and tech to use)

It would have to start in 1642 with improvements regarding Abel Tasman or Australia being a Dutch revolution…

Interesting, although it can be very expensive in coins in the long run…

Maybe they are just Koreans and Indonesians and Australia comes as a thematic map like Plymouth, where the settlers are convicted…

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I like that idea! Start the map with a gang of convicts alongside your Explorer and a couple of Settlers.

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Sure, we don’t have thematic maps, beyond Plymouth, Honshu (regicide) and historical maps…

Regarding the Asian DLC, I think the clear candidates are Persians, Omanis, Siamese, and maybe Burmese.
Regarding the Koreans, I’m sure many would agree that they are not a regional power in the AoE3 timeline, and as being known as the Hermit Kingdom, they had far too little interaction with other civs other than Chinese and Japanese. But it’s still welcome to have their warriors introduced into the game as units like mercenaries or native warriors.


There was the Imjin War and a whole host of great units to work with. Korea still has a lot going for it even if it wasn’t a great power. Persia and Siam are the biggest absences from Asia, but I’d rather have a Korean civ before getting a Burmese civ.


Sure, you have the Koreans fighting the Imjin War (which the civ would be based on), the Manchu invasions of 1627 and 1638.After the end of these invasions from Manchuria, Joseon experienced a nearly 200-year period of peace and prosperity, along with cultural and technological development. What power the kingdom recovered during its isolation waned as the 18th century came to a close. Faced with internal strife, power struggles, international pressure, and rebellions at home, the kingdom declined rapidly in the late 19th century.

The Joseon period has left a substantial legacy to modern Korea; much of modern Korean culture, etiquette, norms, and societal attitudes toward current issues, along with the modern Korean language and its dialects, derive from the culture and traditions of Joseon. Modern Korean bureaucracy and administrative divisions were also established during the Joseon period and then you have the Korean Empire between 1897 and 1910…plus we have Malta which all it did in this period was resist the siege of Malta by the Ottomans…

Also remember that in AoE 1 we have Choson and in AoE 2 we have the Koreans from The Conquerors…

You can divide the Korean pre-modern period into:

  1. Exploration Age (1392-1592) (Taejo,Taejong and Sejong the Great reigns and the Hunminjeongeum in 1446,military expeditions against the Jurchen in 1491,literati purges between 1498 and 1545 and the rebellion of Jeong Yeo-rip in 1589)

  2. Commerce Age (1592-1637) (Imjin War between 1592 and 1598 and the Manchu Invasions between 1626 and 1637)

  3. Fortresses Age (1637-1863):Korean Isolationism Era (Kim Yuk reforms between 1652 and 1658,factional conflicts between 1674 and 1724,Sinyu Persecution of 1801 and Sedo Politics between 1800 and 1857)

  4. Industrial Age (1863-1897) (Gojong reign,French campaign in 1866 and US expedition in 1871,Imo incident in 1882,Port Hamilton incident in 1885 and the Donghak Peasant Revolution in 1894)

  5. Imperial Age (1897-1910) (Gwangmu Reform between 1897 and 1907)

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Interacts with very few existing civilizations, only China and Japan. Very less, very late, inactive, and deeply hostile interactions with Western civilizations.

The so-called 200 years of peace means that they had disappeared in international politics as well as regional politics for 200 years, and after 200 years, they were an even weaker existence.

As a main tributary state of China, its military and diplomacy cannot be autonomous. If it weren’t for China’s support, it is likely that there is not enough strength to stop the Japanese invasion.

The Korean Empire is so late that it is basically not suitable for AoE3 content. It only exists in the last 3 years of the timeline, and it was forced to be established because of the expansion of Meiji Japanese power in Asia.

I’ve never denied the richness of Korean culture, and I even love their cuisine, but apparently the culture is not the point here. Not being a great power is not the reason why they are not suitable, but not being important at the time is the reason.

I have said more than once that there is a considerable part of the introduction of the Maltese that is the homage of the original campaign of the AoE3 game itself, which is something that others cannot and should not compare.

Also I have said it more than once, because other games have XXX, this game should also have XXX, is the most senseless reason.


Well I was saying it to connect with the Imjin War and Noryang Point of The Conquerors…in fact the mobile version of TAD had a Japanese campaign based on the Imjin War…

The strength of the Korean Kingdom itself was too marginal and unimportant in this period. In the face of the attack of the Qing Dynasty, the Korean Kingdom, which lost the support of the Ming Dynasty, was quickly defeated within five months. Imjin War seems to be a conflict between North Korea and Japan, but its essence is a war that Japan attempts to challenge China’s sphere of influence after the expansion of its ambitions. The military of the Ming Dynasty is the core of this war. In terms of actual performance, the power of the Korean Kingdom is more suitable to appear as a native force or mercenary

It is a cruel fact that during this period, the most powerful army formed by the Korean was the Korean Eight Banner army of the Qing Dynasty. The Korean Kingdom itself was trapped in the peasant uprising for a long time, and between the two groups of nobles and the party struggle of the Shilin faction

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while discussions about other factions in general are welcomed this is straying too far from the point of this post which is about Australia.

if you want to discuss Korea etc. i suggest making threads for those factions to discuss their individual designs, justifications and merits.


Okay I understand…

gostei desse mapa seria muito interessante jogar nele