Nobody asked for it, but I am back!

I thought it would be fun to try to design what some of my Australian units might look like.

I ran into the same issue a lot of you I think have been having, there is really no popular culture idea of what Australian colonial soldiers of the era looked like. If I didn’t include the classic meme slouch hat or just reuse British redcoat uniforms, it got hard to make something that looks of the era and obviously Australian. But I gave it a go!

Convicts! Free settlers you get from your home city in large batches that are slower and less loyal than normal settlers - they turn into outlaws on the enemy’s side if they are defeated! Convict uniforms are often shown as the crazy stiped magpie outfits with arrows on them, but those were only for repeat offenders and only late in the timeline. I tried to make my convicts more appropriately dressed but kept the classic arrows because everyone likes them. P.s. BO stands for board of ordnance, who were in charge of convicts between 1820 and 1855 and who put their initials on all the convict clothes they issued (before then convicts were just dressed in whatever they already owned).

Troopers; Australian musketeers. So, realistically these should just be british redcoat infantry. But they’re already taken, so I worked off reference images of early colonial militias and came up with these uniforms. It was fun to look into what they used to wear, the militias were pretty slapdash and people just grabbed whatever they had that looked vaguely military :smiley:
I know the third unit is probably too late timeline wise for AoE3. Uniforms like that were actually in use in Australia in the 1860s - about the end of timeline - but the khaki and slouch hat just “feel” too modern, I know. I considered a pith helmet as well (which was also used) but it felt a little too British I think.

On second thought though… the unique besteiro crossbow man looks very similar…

Light Horse, a unique lancer/dragoon unit (maybe?). Based on the absolutely beautiful uniform of the New South Wales Lancers. I should have probably done a de-tech’d version for an age 3 unit version as well, but I really just wanted to draw this version :smiley:

One thought I had about the uniform issue would be to do something odd with the unit choices for the civ. In age 2 instead of basic musket/skirm units (with strange skins), Australia would train Marines, who would have British naval uniforms of the 1700s. Those units could be expensive but very powerful defensively, sort of like a soldado/sentinal combo. So Australia would be crippled in their ability to rush and would have to wait for later ages in order to mass cheap units for attacking (with approriate uniforms!). But maybe that’s too restrictive.

Of course, any of these would work just as well as revoltion shipments instead of unique units for a civ :wink:


I think the Convict card made me laugh a bit XD


Even though thematically Australia could certainly fit as a Civ. I’d rather see Australia as a revolution, just makes more sense considering the timeframe.

Though I’d love to see some Indigenous Australian Civilizations. They never get representation in video games.


Good effort, but Australia is already in the game : it’s the English.

That didn’t stop the devs from Adding the US, though. Or Mexico, given there are Spanish in the game

US are a legit split from the British as their own country.

Australia was part of the British Empire so is not the same thing.
It certainly would make a great Revolution civ (especially with that great artwork). Revolution, at least in the case of the British really just beens a self-governance, but still within the Empire.


I got inspired and made another attempt at an Australian revolutionary deck, using the newer 25 card format from the recent revolution updates:


  1. First Fleet → ships a galleon with a TC wagon and 25 convicts inside
  2. Rum Rebellion → turns all infantry units into convicts, and grants 100 coin (50?) for each
  3. Bush tucker → villagers now gather some food as well while gathering wood
  4. Pastorialism (infinite) → 7 sheep and a homestead wagon
  5. 30 Convicts (infinite) → convicts are free villagers that defect into outlaws on the side of their foe when killed. They can’t be garrisoned and don’t have a build limit.

  1. Stockyards → allows cows to be trained
  2. Outback stations → ships 2 reskinned haciendas and allows them to automatically harvest livestock
  3. Merino wool → ships 10 sheep and makes sheep deliver coin instead of food when harvested
  4. Eureka Stockade → Ships 12 miners, improves their combat power, and allows them to build fortifications
  5. Victorian gold rush → allows miners to be trained, increases gold mine rates, and makes mines last longer
  6. Welcome stranger → ships a gold mine and crates of 1000 coin
  7. Bathurst Rebellion → all convicts turn into outlaws, increases outlaw combat stats

  1. 4x Gatling guns (infinite)
  2. 2x Ironclads (infinite)
  3. 1x fort wagon (infinite)
  4. 16x musketeers (infinite)
  5. 13x rangers (infinite)
  6. Queensland Volunteer Artillerymen (1,000 coin) → ships 16 guard grenadiers, enables them, and grants 15% combat buff to them (royal guard)
  7. Bushrangers (infinite) → ships 7 random outlaws

  1. New South Wales Lancers (1,000 food) → ships 12 powerful lancers and enables them at forts and stables
  2. Imperial Bushmen (800 gold) → ships 12 powerful musketeers and enables them at forts and barracks
  3. Inland Explorers → ships an explorer, reveals the map, and greatly improves explorer line of sight
  4. Battery Point Fortifications → 6 outpost wagons, grants outpost upgrades
  5. Federation → enables the capital to be built

what’s missing is some Aboriginal tech/alliance cards, but I didn’t really want to speculate on those unless/until we get some Aboriginal native sites in the game first