Auto-scouting is interesting… but what we really need is Auto-villagers.

Why not to have a buttom on TC same as auto-farms, auto-fishing traps, which allows u to create villagers non stop (since u have 50 food in bank)?

This would save a lot of time when u have to build your strategy or micro your army.


I hope this is sarcasm. I hope you’re just making a cynical remark on autoscouting. Otherwise, please uninstal AOE2 DE from your computer


This is autoqueue feature, which exists for all types of units in Age of Mythology and Rise of Nations. It has been suggested for this game by players both in beta forums and in Reddit.

Everyone has a right to suggest features, that he feels are best for the game from his perspective.


It will dumb down the game way too much & gateway those auto-queue features that everyone hates about AoM.


AoM is probably the best game in the AoE series.

That’s just my opinion, obviously but it has the much more interesting units, set up and gameplay.

Oh and doesn’t tie you down with pointless microing.

That may be a little over-the-top… Crafting the economy is very unique in AOE so I think it’s automated enough at this point


I sincerly hope that never happens. That is truly a game-breaking step too far even for me. One of the key things that seperates AoE1 and AoE2 from AoE3, AoM and some other RTSes is that AoE1 and AoE2 don’t have autoqueing or the ability to create batches of units. The whole mechanics and skill of the game would change if there was autoqueue or batch creation. It would take the DEFINITIVE out of the game. It would not be the definitive version of AoE2 anymore it would be the OVERHAULED version of the game … which is completely different and NOT what DE is supposed to be about.

AoE1 and AoE2, similar to with Starcraft Brood War, is a micro intensive RTS game with as much emphasis on the real time aspect as on the strategical aspect. Autoqueing or units being made in batches would take away the classicness of the game altogether. Like I said, it would no longer be AoE2 Defintive Edition it would be AoE2 Overhauled Edition … please no.

Just make a data mod for autoqueing if that’s what you want and then the rest of us can avoid playing it.

And, indeed, everybody has a right to suggest features that they feel are best for the game from their perspective … BUT everybody also has a right to speak out against them, too!


Auto-queue for vills would be a good thing, but it is very different than auto-scouting.

Scouting is a much more demanding and interactive task and shouldn’t be automated imo.

Not at all, the auto queue and auto farm reseed were needed features, and we got them. But no more is needed imo. Just let it be.


Well, the same argument could be made that auto-farm reseed also wasn’t needed and introducing it was dumbing the game down.

I’m not against auto-queue for units. You’re just issuing a simple order to the buildings: Don’t stop producing. Now, moving a live unit that can get killed is different.

AoE2 will still be an extremely intricate game even with unit AQ.


Never seen anyone hate it.


Please no. Stop comparing AOE2 to other RTS. age of empires 2 is a game about micro and amcro. Why you want to strip all the macro? Why you want to make everything automatic?

I remember sin city 3000 had the option to ask for a loan if your economy was bad. They should implement that aswell in AOE2 DE


They have opened the floodgated by giving credit to these auto features. One feature is now used to justify another. The fault is all with the DE devs for trying to please people the easy way.

On the other hand people like me cannot even enjoy DE because I want to have controll over maps when I have time to practice. Priorities…


I think people are overreacting because of the auto-scout feature(which is bizarre, I agree).

But auto-queue wouldn’t change too much. And I always thought there wasn’t such a thing in the orignal AoK because the devs didn’t thought about implementing it or bc there wasn’t enough time. I get the feeling that if they had this idea before it would be in the original game or even come after some patches.


We definitely need auto-queue, auto-build/repair for idle villigers, and only one monk performing convert when giving orders to a group of monks selected, like what we have in Rise of Nations!

And let all scouts can auto-explore please!

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Honestly people like you that use one auto feature to justify another really get me in overdrive.

The only reason I can think of why you would think these features ‘wouldn’t change too much’ is because you have very limited experience in aoe2. What is your elo? How many hours do you have?
Any decent rank and you would know the importance of all these mechanics.


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Nah. Auto-scouting and auto repair is taking it too far.

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Except I’m not using one to justify the other because I’m against auto-scouting.

Well, the same argument could be made that auto-farm reseed also wasn’t needed and introducing it was dumbing the game down.

I see unit autoqueue basically the same as farm auto-queue. And it also can somehow backfire if you turn it on and forget.

This is what I mean. It’s interesting how you first deny and then confirm my statement.

You really got me with “elitist”. Everyone knows opinions are only as meaningfull as the substance behind it. Your skill already are apparent through the way you speak. For you to minimize the game mechanic of keeping tc’s working says enough, it is probably one of the most important in the game.

Go play the 2013 version

I do, don’t worry about that.


If you want this, why not just watch an AI play your game and pretend it’s you?