Aztec Town Center

This time, I decided to create an Aztec town center! I’m very curious to know what you think, as I’ve tried to make the model closely resemble those already existing in the game, while also adding something new - for example, a gate with steps as the main entrance.

Some viewport details:

As an extra bonus: a greeting card


this is so beautiful… i hope relic sees this


Talk about talent!!!

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This guy single handedly put whole company to shame.
First made the whole concept of the civilization, then made the models.
No money, no fame, just pure passion about creating something unique.

You have my respect Sir !


Thank you! I am a true fan of this civilization, and if the game had a feature to add custom models, I would have started making the entire Aztecs a long time ago.

However, game development is an incredibly complex process, and even creating a single model, as in the case of Age of Empires, requires much more time and effort than I managed to put in.


Bro this is so amazing how did you do that

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Amazing, were you trying to go for a paticular ‘Age’ for your Town Centre? Say Castle Age or Imperial?

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Hermoso (Beautiful).

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Very cool. Thank you for sharing.

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Yes! I tried to work on the other ages as well, for example, in the Dark Age, the building would have only a thatched roof and just two floors, while in the Imperial Age, the stone texture would change to a lighter one with a greater number of ritual drawings

how can we do something like this which program needed can you tell?

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Just Blender! It’s free and easy to work with. For painting textures, I’m using Substance 3D Painter, but it’s really not necessary