Balance changes from July Update guys!



Battle Elephant [Standard & Elite]: Reduced trample damage from 50% to 25% .
Condottiero: Increased attack from 9 to 10 .



Elite Cataphract: Reduced the food cost of the upgrade from 1600 to 1200 food . The gold cost is unchanged (800g).


Logistica: Reduced the food cost of the upgrade from 1000 to 800 food . The gold cost is unchanged (600g).



Pavise now also provides +1 melee armor and +1 pierce armor to Condottieri units.



As their civilization bonus, military units (except for siege weapons) now cost 20% less wood to train (was 15% ).


War Wagon: Increased the base cost to train by +5 wood . After the civilization discount, the total cost is now 92 wood (was 94 ).
Turtle Ship: Increased the base cost to build by +10 wood . After the civilization discount, the total cost is now 152 wood (was 153 ).



Karambit Warrior [Standard & Elite]: Decreased food cost from 30 to 25 food . The gold cost is unchanged (15g).



As their civilization bonus, all units now cost 20% less gold to train (was 15% ).


Caravel: Increased the base cost to build by +3 gold . After the civilization discount, the total cost is now 34.4 gold (was 34 ).



Flaming Camel: Increased attack bonus against elephants from +80 to +130 .
Flaming Camel: Increased blast radius from 1.5 to 2.0 .
No changes to Leitis!!! yeah baby #Hail Leitis
No changes to Teutons!!! yeah they still being the Ironclad.

Only complaints are no changes to the Kipchak and Turks :frowning:





You guys do listen to the community!


Ya that changes are pretty good


They forgot free town patrol noooo


These are okay but i think we have bigger fish to fry then the condottiero for Italians buff wise

Good job here. straight from what many forum goer suggestions.

Again, glad for Condottieri, but what about the Crossbow?

pretty much straight up popular forum opinion again. Increase turtle and War Wagon price to keep them the same, boost wood discount.

minor buff to Malay, no issue here.

Pretty standard again straight from what many forum goers decided upon.

Shrug, Minor buff all around, i think Tatars deserved better then just a Flaming Camel buff.

Other Thoughts.
It would appear the devs are okay with the power of the Leitis.
They also appear to be okay with the Franks, Huns, Goths and others at the top.

I’m surprised at the lack of love for Turks.


this both surprises and scares me.

yeah but Elite + Logistica got 600 total discount, which is a good chunk of savings.


They probably just do not want to give them the base Trash options, and give away their identity.
I am sure if we could come up with an innovative yet balanced buff, the devs would consider it.

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I mean town patrol is still an unused meme


I love it all, excelt for battle elephants (I really do not understand that, it is a huge nerf. Like they weren’t op in teamgames anyways even with khmer, and in 1v1 now they become pretty useless)
Awesome job!

Uh tatars are better than huns imo (personal opinion). Tatars are one of my 3 most played civs for sure, they are pretty underrated (please don’t argue with stats, I know they have lower than avarage winrates).

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BEs just crushed Halbs after a critical mass is achieved, or so I have been told.

I think that i could agree with you, because i love tatars as a civ, but both winrates and playrates favor huns by drastic amounts.

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Don’t forget bloodlines too 11


no you took that the wrong way. he means town patrol is pretty unused period. at least that’s my read

anyway checking mongol event out. brb


It’s another meme, on Ornlu’s stream


ah okay, i’m not as familiar with ornlu but i do check his stream more then some others who are way to popular in my opinion (memb).

The sheep bonus is awesome, lets you delay farms until you research horse collar + insane amount of bonus wood/food early game (depends on where you put villagers). Way stronger than the house bonus assuming you won’t get housed.
I found free thumb ring much more valueable than -10% cost in castle age. The cost reduction bonus basicly means you get +1 cavalry archer for every 9 which isn’t that big.
Much better lategame cavalry archers (with +1/3 armor), and free parthian tactic comes in handy. When you’re in imperial age you most likely got enough cavalry archers anyways that the -20% cost reduction doesn’t count much.
Tatars have FU camels which are insane versus cavalry, huns rather have stronger knight line (I prefer camels).
Hill bonus is awesome.
I think +2trebs are better than trebs with more accuracy.
Buffed flaming camel, who knows if it will be viable after the patch.
I found keshiks to be way more powerful in tarkans overall, you get a nearly as heavy tank as the paladin for basicly half the cost.

Huns are a way older civ with big reputations and cavalry archers are neither that popular amongst players these days I think this basicly explains the tatar winrate and playrate (rather than weakness)

Overall I’d go for a +10 gold cost for keshiks with higher gold generation rate change, but I think tatars are fine.

Lot of that stuff is castle dependant, Huns don’t have to rely on castles and their aggressive traits like faster stables and no houses is lot more helpful

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The Huns treb have their bonus for free tho, and right from the start, so they win in early treb wars which is quite nice.

Keshik sure are nice, but they hit buildings like wet noodles, while when I’m Huns I just have to click Marauder to have my anti-camping wrecking ball super fast, which is even nicer.


Overall pretty satisfied for Portuguese. Now I feel them way more solid. Similar for Koreans, that should be now a top water civ.

Ok minor changes to malay and tatars.

Very very good for Byzantines.

Very underwhelming the changes for Italians, which have not been helped where they need help, i.e., in the early stages. With the buff to Koreans and Portuguese, they are even weaker now, considering that they are basically the only low tier civ with turks.