Balance changes I'd like to see for the big patch announced

Here are some of the things I hope get some changes for balance purposes as well as in general because of never being used.

  1. Cost changes to siege tower or a better usage for them.
  2. Cost changes to Flaming camels or changes to their stats or some additional special ability
  3. Changes to non-Persian elephant units - Tech similar to supplies to reduce food cost, Tech specific for conversion resistance for elephants or cavalry, increase in elephant class armor by 10 or 15.
  4. Barracks and infantry related changes - Extra speed on militia line on hitting castle age or base cost of eagles/condos increased and supplies impacting all gold infantry (could also help with balance changes to some civs by denying supplies to them) or a rework of squires to have 2 different upgrades one in feudal age and one in castle age.
  5. Adjustments to expired strategies like Tower rushes without making them broken like voobly times - reducing bonus damage vills get against towers in feudal age, more attack for towers against standard buildings, a tech available in town center that can make them stronger.
  6. Skirmisher line changes - rework of the impact of elite upgrade, adding an imperial upgrade for all civs, Vietnamese team bonus becoming something like skirm upgrades have double the impact.
  7. Cost/impact balance adjustments to unique techs - El Dorado, Kshatriyas, Slazcha Privileges and a few other stronger ones either seeing a cost increase or impact reduction and likewise overrated techs seeing a cost reduction.

What do you think or what else would you want to add or remove?

1- Agreed
2- i don’t care about flaming camels
3- I am fine giving 10 elephant armor to Battle Elephants, and 10 more elephant damage to scorpions. Elephants are in a weird spot, but I wouldnt buff them to much against pikes/monks/scorpion-mass who are the only counter (or so I believe).
4- I’d nove Squires to Feudal, and double the effect of arson but have it only affect milicia line + give arson to Goths. Not big, but it’s a start. Maybe also have supplies affect castle infantry UU (1/2 effect for karambits) in exchange of a slight cost increase +5f of the base unit
5- I dont like tower rush, but i dont really care and just follow whatever happens
6- I feel skirms are fine. But if we give imo skirms to many civs, I’d just give elite skirm for free to viet. I think viet are fine late game but still underwhelming early to mid game. Giving the vietnamese +1 range, +2 damage and +5hp (“doubling the effect of skirm upgrades”) would make the civ completely bursted. I’d also change persian Kamradans, as their imperial age xbows will be really underwhelming compared to imperial skirms.
7- sounds good. I would rather give a stat nerf than a cost increase for these strong UT. FOr the weak UT, I would rather give a cost reduction. I would especially welcome a cost reduction to Vikings Chieftain UT.

I do not await specific balance changes, if I had to throw a few ideas of what would make me happy:
8- move the +1 range of bracers to the arbalest, HCA, and keep upgrades.
9- make the transition to champions cheaper and faster.
10- give another military option to Koreans (like blast furnace), even if it means nerfing WW to the ground.
11- give +1 PA to heavy scorpions

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i think for towers: maybe we could move the guard tower and/or arrowslits upgrade into the tower instead of the university. this would make it easier to upgrade them in castle age


I agree on all points. Anithing that make bad thing a bit less bad is a yes for me. This goes for UT, UU, civ bonuses, generic units, and so on

So i would add buffs to bad UUs or civ gimmick like sicilians donjons/serjeants, and tweaks/buffs to below average/boring civs

Agree. Or maybe a generic tech for swordsmen exclusively to have more swordsmen garrison slot in siege towers/rams.

They already have camels and Halbs. So flaming camel is a bit awkward.

Some civs lack halbs while some civs do not have good monks. So I prefer to leave BE alone.

Increasing directly the base cost of those civs with too powerful infantry UU is easier.

They already have so many upgrades. So all in one will be good enough. I even think arson can be given to swordsman line for free upon upgrading to longswordsmen.

This can be an indirect nerf to archer civs. Low tier archer civs has suffered more than Britons/Mayans in previous nerf on xbow upgrade cost.


I’d add that Sicilians need a buff or rework, unplayable rn. This post has good suggestions: Big Sicilian rework idea, defensive civ change.

I’d also add that Cataphracts need a buff for easier 1v1 use. They’re absolutely not worth the exorbitant price since they’re 2 weak against archers and cav and go even vs camels.

Obuch must get nerfed already.

  1. Agreed.
  2. Agreed.
  3. Great idea to make elephants more common.
  4. Interesting idea to make inf civs competitive. Shouldn’t increase it too much or can make the three categories pointless (perhaps by 0.05) (buff samurai as well).
  5. Absolutely agree.
  6. Idk about that one. Skirms are quite good as is. Archer civs don’t have the highest winrates in any category so I think it’s perfectly balanced.
  7. Agreed, especially for El Dorado. Eagles could maybe get +5 or +10 HP and El Dorado could be lowered to balance it out.
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I would also like to see Spanish either lose their building bonus entirely or lose it on nomad starts. It doesn’t make sense that they get to keep their bonus in dark age but none of the other civs with building bonuses do

I wonder what map will favor Spanish then

Arena? Water? TGs?, Maybe another bonus to make them competent on open maps?

Spanish are strong on all closed maps already. They don’t need to be OP on all nomad maps

Would you recommend some other bonus for them on land maps instead?

Overall a lot of civ balances would be nice. But I was just thinking about general game changes.

Sorry, I misunderstood that you want to remove building bonus for all maps.

I would add another one, this idea isn’t mine but I think it’s a really good idea to fix Elephant in castle age. Converted elephant Unit turns into neutral units (gray color), monk needs to convert again to get the elephant unit on their side.