Balance changes on reddit. I like them

Maybe a few exotic ideas here and there but not too bad


LC upgrade in feudal age is broken, no matter how you see that.

Endless Kipchaks for allies is potentially OP, can’t imagine Mongols, Magyars, Tatars and Turks spamming those with a Cuman ally.

Franks nerf is just unneccesary, they got nerfed enough.

Goths with Thumb Ring is fine.

Italians don’t need more for team games.

Koreans don’t need more buffs

Saracen Mameluke buff is fine

IDK about Sicilians


I don’t think walling needs to be nerfed again.

The supplies and longsword cost reduction would be nice. I would also like faster two-handed swordsman and champion upgrades. But the units themselves are already fine.

The steppe lancer buff would be nice.

Gunpowder buff is nice.

I would prefer an eco upgrade instead. I don’t think LC in feudal is OP though because you get behind on numbers with no eco bonus to back it up.

Kipchaks should cost significantly more if made available to allies.

No need for franks and goths changes.

Idk what to think of condo buff as it only works in team games and Italians need a buff in 1v1s more.

Faster samurai would be nice.

That change for the Koreans does so little.

The mameluke cost does need to be reduced a little to make them viable.

Would rather have a different buff for Sicilians than a minor Serjeant change.


These are very stupid suggestions, and i disagree to eveything except Saracens and Sicilians and Steppe lancers (except being availabe in feudal).


LOOOOOOOOOOOL that gunpowder buff. HC/Janissary spam = wall of death with this change 1111


I dont like the steppe lancer in feudal idea either.


Wall nerf, Militia-line, Steppe Lancer discount, Cuman TC bonus, Elite Samurai, Memeluke and Serjeant buffs are fine


Agreed with that 100%


LC for Burgundians in feudal age is not broken. Burgundians are not in a good position now.
SL in feudal age would be too strong. Speerman are not that good counter to them and they can hit behind palisade walls.

The rest is OK. Mostly nothing special and would not make any civ noticeably stronger but in overall good balance suggestion.

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Mmm, a lot of this suggestions onestly miss the point:

  • Gunpowder problem isn’t the damage output, but the need to wait until imp and then chemistry for a unit that needs to be massed.
  • SL don’t have a niche, and not being a late game unit, reducing the gold cost and not food cost isn’t really useful.
  • The cumans feudal TC was balanced that way to prevents their boomin to be too strong, but the main problem is that is a bonus that you either use or no, and for both cases the enemy well know how to punish them.
  • The allied kipchaks need to cost more if you can have as many as the enemy want, epsecially if they have a better eco than cumans.
  • Franks scouts are strong, but their main power is their food eco, which is super strong. Rebuffing the berries would mean a stronger dark age again.
  • Goths TR isn’t really their problem. Their problem is that you either use the instant loom to lame, and get to the late game, or you are basically playing with a generic civ.
  • The condos change don’t really incentive their allies to use them, since champs and UU will still be better. And gold isn’t a problem in TGs.
  • Koreans have problems at countering fast cav civ, like franks. More wood won’t help them.

For the other I agree, especially mamelikes and serjeants.


Disagree with the wall nerf and especially the explanation:

Walling should be A strategy not THE strategy

We’ve already seen an absurd number of nerfs to walls, and that’s bad imo, walling is not a “strategy”, it is part of the game, just like making villagers or buildings. Making them more expensive has never increased the strategic diversity, it has only made the game more annoying and micro-intensive because you now have to individually click each wall to build them faster. By nerfing walls more the games would end very quickly and become based on who sends his flush first.

By the way, following this bad “A strategy” logic, stone walls should actually be buffed , as “THE strategy” is currently to not build them.


Don’t like the franks changes, I would rather have an extra sc than extra 9hp, the foragers change will buff them and they don’t need it

I don’t mind their infantry with more speed sugestions

I like the gunpowder does full dmg to secondary targets, that will be specially good for gunpowder UU that you can train in castle age


uhh i don’t agree with that. Even in post-imp, people prefer arbaleseter to HC in most cases. Because their dps is actually higher (except vs eagles and huskarls). SotL has a video on that.


And because they cost less and train in less time. Arbs are simply a better unit overall and it’s always easier to mass, before and after imp. And the DPS is lower because the HC have a lower RoF, so even if missed shots deal the full damage, it would have a little impact, people won’t still use them.

HC would anyway being used against eagles and huskarls, or for civs with terrible xbows if they really need a ranged units, but even there siege is better.

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yeah. Compared to old AoC days, throwing axemen are buffed so franks almost never make them anymore (Teutonic knights are the only exception I can think of). Scorpions are more and more seen in nowadays meta.
Slingers are more accurate and can be affected by ballistics are simply better choice. If Incas could make slingers and HC, 100% of people choose slingers.



Some of the suggestions are just not well thought through:

Gunpowder buff would make Turks an insta pick in Arena flanks over pretty much anything else. While HC do suck, this isn’t a good approach to fixing them.

Light Cavalry for Burgundians in Feudal will make them have the same problem as Cumans have with their civ bonuses. You would be able to make use of either one half, or the other half, but not both. What I mean, is that if you invest into Light Cavalry in Feudal, you’ll obviously not invest into any of the early eco techs.

Walls have already had so much nerfing, that weaker houses and more expensive pallisades would just mean that any kind of defensive play is impossible. Houses and pallisades already go down pretty easily if you apply a decent amount of pressure. 3 men at arms shouldn’t be able to just completely destroy an eco and end the game right there.

Not sure about Steppe Lancer in feudal either. Their +1 range utility would be a lot more powerful in feudal than you might initially think.


How about no? (20 Characters)

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which is fine… the power stacking civs are actually the issue, but having a civ where you can make use of one OR the other is technically the better balanced civ as it encourages variety = longevity for the game. for example magyar. you will never have HCA and paladin… but guess what… you have the choice…

im not sure… i think it will encourage their use, thats far more than 100% effective damage increase on 40%?? or more shots? (since you have to factor armour) thats quite a big buff… yes they will still be slow to mass etc etc, which technically isnt a problem if the unit in question gives you something for all the effort… i dont think its a huge buff and doesnt make the unit compare with the utility of the arb, but it definitely helps, as we’ve seen with the arambai

there’s another thread where i proved this is false, because cheaper better magyar scouts exist

yeah that was really weird, for me it feels like the guy isnt great with his ideas, and he poached a ton of ideas from the forums, and then stuck his own in there like this SL in feudal…

its not amazing, but it definitely helps, you get a sturdier more gold intensive shield for your CA (for all the associated civs) its likely not enough, but it definitely makes them more attractive

i think the point was to allow diverse builds, as it stands goths are almost worthless vs civs like teutons, at least with TR (same for sicilians) they have a counter to the infantry that WILL beat them, because HC comes way too late (as you pointed out)

yeah agreed, if anything they would have to buff the condo to incentivise the gold return…

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-i thought nerfing the berry bonus was lame, nerfing the cavalry bonus is much more interesting, idc if it makes them a tiny bit better or worse
-feudal light cav could give them an identity other than “le OP UU xd” and the upgrade delays your castle time significantly so its not without risk
-koreans are the lowest win rate civ so the buff is very appropriate
-kipchaks are only situationally stronger than CA for most civs so its strong but within reason plus you need castles

it’s changes that take big balls but theyre for the better

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