[Balance] Houfnice

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Omega lol
So you suggest to give +10 attack (Remember when Houfnice had 55 attack and was deemed OP?) but reduce the range from 12 to 9?? at that point you killed the unit and basically there won’t be reasons to do the unit anymore.

I love how you criticize every thing in the name of “beauty and fantastic” but then you suggest a BS that lacks any sense of design and balance XD.


Exactly. At 10 range most castles will outrange them.

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So that’s what the cool kids say in 2022, I see.

+10 range OR same damage yet the previous radius of splash damage the had, Yes.
The current state of the unit is conceptually wrong, suited only for closed maps, as a post-Imp luxurious tech that ensures one wins every single long range interactions.

9(+1) Range is enough to kill both Archer and Onagers smoothly, while having weakness to other BBC. You cant have it all. This unit must be counterable, Bohemians, I remind you, have over-the-top-Halbs, Heresy, and a 15% bonus movement speed to their BBC.

It’s too whole and OCD designed to have a strategic role in the game.

But hey, lets Omega Lol instead of actually dealing with the idea.

bbc with less range than a castle.
everything said.

Edit: somebody else was faster actually 11

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Would you stop calling everything you don’t like “OCD”?! It’s ableist, plus from the way you use the term it’s pretty clear you don’t know what it means.


What’s the problem with Houfnice right now and what does this change accomplish?


All this change does is make houfnice terrible

  1. Historically not all BBC were designed to face Castles or rather big fortifications.
  2. About 50% of the civs lack access to BBC which shows its low necessity. Every civ has Trebs and Capped Rams in AOE.

OCD; having a tendency towards excessive orderliness, perfectionism, and great attention to detail.

It’s very common among designers, a childish urge to bring a product into perfection while abandoning other important aspects such as art and strategy.

Houfnice at its current form has no room in AOE strategically, it’s too convinient of a win-condition, especially on closed maps, and too luxurious to be implemented in open maps.

Thank you for the question.
I hope my previous replies helps you understand, I’ll try again.

Houfnice has it all, over-the-top Halbs, Heresy, Movementspeed bonus, Suitable eco, Siege Engineers. It’s the holy land, it might sound too sexy, however in a strategy game there is no room for such concepts everthing must be viable yet counterable, Houfnice fails both parameters.

This change makes it less of an Alpha unit on closed maps, Bohemians still have an amazing composition there (Trash-Monks anyone). This unit actually loses to normal BBC, however much more viable (no need to tech into it) and deadly against Siege/Archers since I increased the damage (or rather the radius to what it previously had)
Now this unit plays a role, rather than a doomsday weapon.

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Sorry, an upgrade that actually downgrade an stat is so difficult to take seriously


Read again, it’s not an upgrade but a replacement.

I recommend you reading my comments here :slight_smile:

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Historically meso civs didnr have steel, siege, the wheel, or xbows/arbs.

Historically mamelukes rode horses and didnt throw scimitars

Historically throwing axeman didnt throw double headed axes.

Historically gold wasnt iust laying on the ground.

This game has literally always put balance and gameplay over Historical accuracy.

About 75% of all civs lack paladin, does that mean its not necessary?


Well, I’m glad not everyone can become a game designer/balancer.


Right, sorry, I misunderstood your proposition.
Still don’t think that Houfnice is bad as it is, but what if bohemians lack of Capped Ram and this new houfnice compensate it with really strong bonus against stone defences specially and maybe a projectile’s speed buffing

But its a terrible replacement. Id rather have bombards.
Not only do i not need to research something to unlock them, but they have more range

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Just want to hop in and say that this is a very common misconception. OCD is, as the name suggests an obsessive mental disorder, coupled with harmful intrusive thoughts and has usually very negative effects on people’s lives. It is also hard to treat and usually affected people need to take anti depressants. Comparing this to a video game is stepping over the line.

The word you mean is probably something like “unoriginal” or something


Now historically Hussite Houfnices were used at much shorter range and as anti-personnel guns, rather than anti-fortification guns like cannons or mortars, in a way they should be more similar to Organ guns.
So, if I wanted to try something crazy I’d give Bohemians Houfnice, in castle age, after Chemistry, as a replacement for scorpions or mangonels instead, Lowering the damage by a lot, basically make it the thing Organ Gun failed to be: something with high aoe but low damage (like 15-20), a gunpowder anti-personnel weapon.
With 7 range.
Bonus damage against siege and buildings, but you get the idea.
Would it work? No idea, also no idea of other stats (armor, hp).

Isn’t the hussite wagon supposed to be their siege of choice in the castle age?

a) that’s not what OCD means
b) why insult people who actually have OCD?

now to the actual post:
why would anyone even make this upgrade? this makes them worse onagers with +1 range, while no longer having access to BBC to snipe trebs and enemy onagers.
nobody would ever pick up this upgrades, because it’s a downgrade


Only it’s not an upgrade anymore, it’s a replacement, which is even worse, by a lot.