Balance : make villager harder to produce plz

I really think that making mass mass mass villager is the only way to play aoe4 :confused:

In my game (diamond 3 level),we imediatly jump from early game to late game, there is not really middle game . Loosing 5 - 10 vill doesnt impact really the game

  1. I think it could be a fun idea that 2nd and third town center produce villager slowler (like 30 - 35 sec per town center instead of 20 )
    -2) Or It could be a fun idea too to increase the time of produce villager of 0,01 % for each new villager from 10 villager :
    Exemple :
    villager 10 : 20 sec to Produce
    Villager 11 : 20 , 2 sec to Produce
    Villager 12 : 20, 4 sec to Produce

    Villager 40 : 26 sec to Produce

    Villager 70 : 32 sec to Produce

    Villager 100 : 40 sec to Produce

What do you think about these kind of ideas? (sorry for my english i am not native speaker english)

2nd tcs producing villagers slower is not bad idea, but that would end up nerfing some civs that really dont need nerfing and would be an indirect buff to already strong civs like the chinese, also hre would benefit greatly from this change and they already very strong too.

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I’m in platinum level and I don’t see the lack of mid game.

In my games, the usual is try to harm in feudal, if rejected, try to put a castle in an strategic place in castle age, and then if game is not over get to imperial.

What I’m saying is that in 1v1 games is rare to get to imperial, and even reaching imperial, is with a lot of war through the ages.

And in team games, well, I played games where no one did nothing until imperial, and other game where no one reached castle age.

If you nerf 2tc more, you literally kill Abbasid, for example.

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in 1vs1 i don’t remember when was last time i go to imperial. Major clashes happen to me in feudal, and if not produce an end condition, it will be end in castle for sure.

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I think this becomes more of a problem at the higher level than in the middle. At a Gold-Plat level, I feel it’s common to start fighting early, and keep fighting, often long after it’s stopped serving an obvious purpose. But because one player is pouring their resources into units, their opponent feels they have to do so as well or risk dying. Which means they don’t have the resources available for booming or aging up.

Whereas I think as you move up, the thinking (in certain matchups) becomes “they’ve gone 2 TC. Am I playing a faction/map where I can kill them (or inflict significant damage, kill dozens of vils etc) in the next 5 minutes? If no I risk falling too far behind, so the best option is to make my own 2nd TC to keep up”. But if you are doing that, your opponent likely scouts, and may go “in that case you definitely won’t have the resources to kill me in the next few minutes, so I’ll make a third TC”. Which then prompts the same question - and the same answer. And suddenly both players can be racing to 100 vils by the 15ish minute mark. (Or say 12~ minutes in the case of China, HRE etc). And the Mid-Game essentially disappears.

But I’m not really sure that’s a problem for the game. Clearly not every game goes that way. If booming is too undermined, you make one of the sides of the RTS pyramid non-viable.

i believe this just slows down the game


Thing is, at lower and mid levels aggressive strategies are much easier to apply while it’s harder to deffend. However players at higher levels become much better at defending from pressure while their macro is much better so 2TC+ builds become much more viable, so games at high level become more of a boom war.
This is a natural thing in the game though, I remember back in aoe3 it was the same rhing. Rush civs were very strong at mid/low levels while booming and greedy play was much stronger at higher levels.

early game is already super slow and boring, no need to make it worse

This would be actually good idea for game mod,

Not for official general change to the game

No because I like to Vill spam

Ofc it would change balance, but abassid (in high level ) is only playing 3-4 TC
That fucking boring
Nerf Tc require to buff civ like abassid on other point ofc

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I agree
But in high level 80% of my games are Tc massing

So for me aoe 4 is not a build order game, you just make one BO for 6 min then you massing vill and clicking on every upgrade, every armies , everything without brain coz anyways you have enought money
There is not strategy choice coz you make everything

In aoe3 for exemple you need make choice of units and upgrade in middle game

That why i think mass vill making killing the strategy way of this game

If you have a limit of villagers, you have more risk of losing them

In team game You need 40-50 vills now, people have discover trade.