Balance suggestions for the spanish

  1. Spanish- I think this civilization is one of the worst in 1 vs 1 arabia due to the lack of an economic bonus and its difficulty to face some matchups. (especially against archer civs).

-Inquisition: conversion rate improved. Now also provides +1 pierce armor for all gun powder units (conqs included) this can help to deal with strong archer civs and also make conqs viable in the late game.

-Unique unit: conquistador: accurancy improved from 60% - 70%(elite) to 70% - 80%(elite) and rate of fire from 2.9 to 2.9 - 2.5(elite). training time reduced from 24s to 20s(elite).

OPTIONAL (-Builders work 25% faster dark age, 30% faster feudal age, 35% faster castle age. It was 30% in all ages. Just to match with the sicilians 100% building speed for tcs and castles but nerfing a bit the early game. (you will see why))

OPTIONAL (-Heavy Cav archer upgrade and thumbring removed. (The heavy cav archer and thumbring upgrades make no sense because spanish dont have access to parthian tactics and the conquistador is a stronger version of the CA).)

OPTIONAL (-Handcannoneers, bombard cannons and cannon galleons fire 25% faster (was 18% and only hand cannons and bombard cannons).)

OPTIONAL-(Blacksmith upgrades now cost gold (just to balance a bit the next buff))

-All economic upgrades have a 50% food discount.

OPTIONAL (-Trade units now generate 20% more gold ( was 25%). I think it is quite op compared to italians trade bonus for example.)

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I suggest to give them:

each eco upgrade researched give gold with 50% of its food cost.

for example: double bit axe cost 100f, 50w, so if you researched it you will get 50 gold ( which is 50% of double bit axe food cost).

yeah this would be interesting for them too.

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Just buff towers in general, so we see tower rushes more often. As result Spanish win rate probably will increase. Spanish is one of the civs that will benefit from this.

No need for changing a lot of things in the tech tree / civ boni. Their win rate also doesnt look that terrible.


Basicly u want spanish auto win civ. None will take u serious with ur imba proposals.I dont even think to say which one is op and why etc.Total useless overhell buffs.Why do u need Turks or Portoguese then ?Spanish has paladin halbs eskirms everything now even their hand cannoners would be better version of jans.So whats to point ?? dude nevermind live in ur dreams :slight_smile:

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@AttilaTheHUN270 Im not saying that man i think the buff just make then a decent civ in 1vs1 and nerfing a bit the tg to balance them even more. Also Turks got a big buff recently and you cant compare portuguese with spanish because they are an insane naval civ and the only spanish bonus orientated to water maps is the faster firing cannon galleons (which is totally useless bcos u want them to destroy buildings not ships).

Too many changes in one thread, effects will be drastic and unpredictable. How about just buffing the Conquistador, and then see if that’s enough to help the civ?

@anon45959656 I know there are a lot of changes, but the mayority are nerfs to balance what they really need and what the most players ask for (an eco bonus). This is similar to what happenned to the spanish in aoe3, they had a decent army comp but they also lacked an economic boost. Buffing just the conqs will make them even more boring and predictable.

The effects of these changes wouldn’t be unpredictable at all, it’s pretty clear conqs with +1 pierce armour and more accuracy and faster firing rate would destroy everything while tanking hits unlike even the old arambai.

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Spanish are built around Conquistadors but due to broken Projectiles they are useless.

I explained it here Projectile fix

They would have to first fix that bug before thinking about ballance changes.


@CactusSteak2171 not buffing their early game (which is quite good) but im just improving their late game, the fire rate, accurancy and training time upgrades are only for elite. I have played a lot of games and conqs only seem viable in early castle age but then they have a lot of hard counters (basically all units in the game trade against them cost efficiently, except champions in low numbers if you micro them)

@WoodsierCorn696 Developers don’t seem to like tower rush much (recent nerf to the Incas) and also tower rush received a lot of nerfs since the HD edition and is no longer a viable or very situational strategy. In the current meta the towers only serve to defend you against archers in the feudal age.

but spanish already have a great late game.

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Well yes and that is a problem. Strategies should not be made unviable just because a few people don’t like playing against it, it’s the same problem over at the laming thread. People insist on removing things they dont like, instead of just playing on maps that suit their preferences better.

I would think that if buffing Conquistador is not an option for whatever reason, then I’d agree with @WoodsierCorn696 suggestion to buff tower rushes.

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@MatCauthon3 Yes, the problem is reaching late game without an eco bonus.

they don’t need a big eco bonus though - look at Lithuanians or Mongols as good examples.

Its not only my opinion you can watch this: (35:27)

I absolutely agree - they need an eco bonus to boost them up - what they don’t need is reorganize the entire civ just to justify a massive eco bonus like you are saying.

look at Lithuanians or Mongols as examples of this. you can give Spanish a smaller bonus without having to touch the rest of the civ.


This poll is just an example, they dont have to change all the civ. I can highlight the changes that are more important if you want. But its just my point of view dont take it serious.

And i am not a fan of these nerfs. So i would love to see a buff to towers.

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